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Earlier today I submitted my resignation to Governor Greitens as Boone County Clerk. It was by far the hardest task I have ever had to do in all my years as County Clerk. In recent weeks my health has deteriorated rapidly and there are no viable treatment options available. To continue trying to do my job will only place an additional burden on my family, my staff, and the other elected officials.

It has been an incredible honor to serve the citizens of this county since first being hired by former County Clerk Chris Kelly in 1978 and my 9 subsequent elections starting in 1982. Few people get the chance to spend their their entire career doing meaningful work that allows them to accomplish so much. With the generous support of the people of this county I have been lucky to have that opportunity.

I was honored to serve many years as legislative chair for Missouri County Clerks and Election Authorities and helped draft many reforms of Missouri election laws. After the 2000 election exposed many weaknesses in the election process I was privileged to be a part of the first national effort to reform election administration. In 2004 I was appointed by former Commissioner Karen Miller, in her capacity as President of the National Association of Counties', to serve as one of NACO’s representatives on the advisory board to the US Election Assistance Commission. It has been an honor to be reappointed to this board every two years to advise this new federal agency created under the Help America Vote Act.

I have constantly tried to keep Boone County as an early adopter of technology that improved ability of voters to register to vote, to be informed about elections, and to cast their ballot in a secure way. I am proud of these and the many other achievements my office accomplished over the years. This could never have been done without an outstanding staff and thousands of dedicated pollworkers who have served with me.

I am also grateful to the many Boone County elected officials I have served with over the years. They have uniformly been the finest group of public officials anywhere. Their expertise in their own fields has always served as motivation for me to constantly improve my own operation. While all are exceptional I must particularly thank Chris Kelly, Bettie Johnson, Kay Murray, and my favorite Republican David Horner for their years of support.

My last official day will be June 23rd. By statute the County Commission can appoint an interim County Clerk until the governor appoints a replacement for the balance of my term. I shall end this by expressing my gratitude to the voters of this county for giving me the honor to serve as Boone County Clerk.

Wendy S. Noren
Boone County Clerk

Boone County Clerk, Wendy Noren's Resignation Statement