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Brian McCollum, Boone County Collector
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2016 Boone County Delinquent Tax Certificate Sale

June 16, 2016

The 2016 Boone County Delinquent Tax Certificate Sale will be held August 22, 2016, beginning at 10:00am on the Boone County Courthouse steps.

In the weeks leading up to the sale, the Boone County Collector's Office often receives public requests for listings of delinquent parcels in Boone County. A few of these requests come from individuals outside of Boone County. Brian McCollum, Boone County Collector, wants to remind property owners that official notices regarding the Tax Sale will come from the Collector's Office.

The Collector's Office is in the process of mailing certified letters to property owners and interested parties of parcels that may be subject to sale. In an effort to preserve and protect the owners interest in the property, Collector McCollum encourages property owners to contact the Collector's Office at 573-886-4285 should they have any questions about a parcel that may be referenced in these notices. Payments for delinquent property taxes should be made directly to the Boone County Collector's Office.

A published list of parcels subject to sale will be available in the local newspaper, and online at beginning July 20, 2016.