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Boone County Departments Collaborate to Win 2013 Excellence in Operations Management Award

March 18, 2014

A collaborative effort between the Boone County Public Works, Resource Management and Geographic Information System (GIS) departments has earned them the 2013 Excellence in Operations Management Award from Cartegraph, provider of Operations Management System technologies for the public sector. Boone County is one of only 10 municipal organizations to receive the award, which Cartegraph plans to grant annually as part of an initiative to promote and recognize the use of technology within municipal organizations to work smarter for the improvement of the community.

The Cartegraph Operation Management System is a customizable system offering a variety of modules that Boone County uses to inventory and track features including roads, bridges, culverts, drainage structures, as well as the staff, equipment, materials and work orders used to maintain those features. The cooperative nature of the system provides the departments with the ability to share the information they input, which creates a more complete view of the related assets managed and maintained by Boone County staff.

Boone County Public Works, the most publicly visible of the three departments, uses Cartegraph to communicate and track information related to work requests, work orders, resources and equipment as well as progress on current jobs, locations of work completed and inventory of materials used. Road superintendents can use their iPhones to receive work requests while out in the field. They also utilize a GIS mobile app to dispatch crews and track all maintenance activities and costs related to that work request and other road maintenance projects.

The Cartegraph modules used by Resource Management maintain accurate, up-to-date records of road information such as surface types, inspections, traffic counts, maintenance history, and financial information used for governmental accounting standards. A review of the drainage structure information maintained by Resource Management may reveal the work history on a specific culvert, the entity responsible for maintenance, or the materials used on a particular bridge. This information may in turn be used with GIS to ensure the accuracy of Boone County assets. The mapping applications developed by GIS provide the ability to identify precise locations of assets and work areas.

By utilizing the capabilities of the Cartegraph system, the departments are able to access records more readily, communicate more efficiently and streamline the process of maintaining the assets of Boone County. The compilation of data into reports also allows the departments to develop realistic work plans and schedules for future projects, identify cost-savings, create accurate detailed budgets and report financial asset changes to federal governmental accounting standards. The collaborative use of the Cartegraph system is a direct result of the motivation and determination of Boone County Public Works, Resource Management and GIS to be leaders in the industry. The Boone County Commission will recognize this accomplishment through a proclamation during the Commission meeting on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 9:30AM in the Roger B. Wilson Boone County Government Center Commission Chambers.