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Commissioner Janet Thompson to be inducted into St. Louis National Charity Horse Show Hall of Fame

September 24, 2013

On Friday, September 27, Northern District Commissioner Janet Thompson will don another title: St. Louis National Charity Horse Show Hall of Fame Honoree. Dubbed “The First Lady of Missouri Saddlebreds” in the 2013 Horse Show program profile, Janet is being honored both for her success in the show ring and her dedication and contributions to the horse show, Missouri Saddlebreds and Boone County.

Janet and her equestrian partners have delighted judges and spectators alike in a multitude of competitions. With a variety of equestrian partners, Janet has experienced success at the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show, the Shatner World Championship, the Juvenile Shatner and the Working Western Pleasure Championship. Additionally, Janet has traveled the Midwest showing horses in dressage and combined training events.

In addition to her skills in the show ring, Janet has shown her dedication time and again through her willingness to fill any role that will advance the sport and Missouri Saddlebreds. Those attending the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show may see Janet serving as a Judge's Scribe, “jump crew” setup or one of many other roles throughout the course of the event. At the Janian Series of Horse Shows, a Columbia, MO cornerstone for over a decade, Janet filled the roles of organizer, manager, sponsor and more, leaving only the space of “judge” unfilled on her resume. Janet is now a member of the Board of Directors of the American Saddlebred Horse Association, the Secretary to the American Saddlebred Registry Board and the President of the Missouri Horse Shows Association.

Janet's dedication to Missouri Saddlebreds may only be seconded by her dedication to her community. After 25 years serving in the Missouri State Public Defender System, Janet chose to widen the scope of her focus and, in 2012, was elected Boone County Northern District Commissioner. Janet's zeal in both the horse arena and the political arena makes her a valuable member of her community and an outstanding choice for the 2013 St. Louis National Charity Horse Show Hall of Fame.