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Boone County Public Works Employees' Actions to be Recognized by Commission

September 4, 2013

Boone County Public Works employees have done it again: they have given Boone County a reason to beam with pride.

When Gordon McCune and Adam Reddick set out on their routes early the week of August 19, they had no idea they would soon have a profound impact on Jeff Guyer, a Boone County resident living on Highway HH. Jeff's part of the story began around midnight one evening in June when he went outside his home to retrieve his wayward dog. In his wheelchair, Jeff got down to the roadway before his dog returned to him. As he began to turn around and head toward the house, Jeff saw headlights coming toward him. The next thing he remembers is waking up in the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans' Hospital two days later. Jeff believes that someone hit him then left him. Adding insult to injury, it appeared they had taken his wheelchair with them.

A few weeks later, Gordon, a Boone County Public Works motor grader operator, was working on Phillipe Road when he pulled up alongside Jeff's property to ask if Jeff was missing a wheelchair. A surprised Jeff said yes and listened as Gordon explained he had found the wheelchair in some brush down the road from Jeff's home. It was then that a second Boone County Public Works employee, Adam Reddick, pulled up in his dump truck. Jeff told them what had happened that evening in June. Taken aback by Jeff's ordeal, both men offered their support before returning to their duties.

Later that evening, Gordon returned to Jeff's home in his personal vehicle and offered to repair the wheelchair at no cost. Just a couple of days later, an ecstatic Jeff had a repaired wheelchair and a renewed belief in genuine goodness in the world. “We all talk about and recognize our fire fighters and police officers who perform lifesaving duties every day. But there are also people out there who doing things out of genuine caring and I believe that's what these men did,” Jeff said. Jeff was overjoyed that two government employees took the time to really listen to his story and even repair his wheelchair. He wanted to be sure Gordon and Adam would be recognized for their actions. It wasn't until Jeff called Boone County Public Works to share his experience that Gordon and Adam's actions came into the light, which is further evidence of the selfless nature of their actions.

The Boone County Commission will be recognizing the actions of these exceptional employees at the Commission meeting Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 1:30PM in the Commission Chambers.