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Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill is Floating His Boat for the Food Bank

April 17, 2013

For the second year in a row, the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri has issued a challenge that Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill just couldn't resist: build a boat using cardboard and duct tape, then cross your fingers that your boat and the people in it make it to the finish line without sinking. The event, Float Your Boat for the Food Bank, draws in the creative, the industrious, the daring and those just looking for a good—and potentially wet—time while raising money to feed people across the region. Last year, Dan and his team built the BoCoMo, a bright yellow vessel sporting an American flag and the nickname given to Boone County, Missouri. The BoCoMo crossed the finish line in record time and with remarkably dry passengers, but was passed over for first place in favor of teams with slower boats but more food donations.

This year, Commissioner Atwill will return with the BoCoMo, the only sailing vessel to have survived the 2012 races. The Float Your Boat for the Food Bank participants will begin arriving at Bass Pro Shops Lake with their cardboard-and-duct-tape creations at 9:00AM on Saturday, April 20. This year, the boats will compete not only in the water but on land too through the People's Choice Award. Spectators can vote by placing a monetary donation to the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri in the donation box by their favorite boat anytime before 12:00. Each dollar will get Dan closer to winning but, more importantly, each dollar will allow the Food Bank to feed 11 people! The races will begin at 12:00 and the People's Choice Award will be announced after the races. Come out to cheer on Dan, to have some fun outside and to support the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri!