Media Contact:
Pat Lensmeyer
Boone County Collector
P: (573) 886-4289


December 18, 2012—Taxpayers have several options for paying their Boone County property tax bills, according to Boone County collector Pat Lensmeyer. Taxes may be paid online, by phone, by mail, through the dropbox located at the East Entrance of the Boone County Government Center, or in person. Information on each option, provided below, may also be found on each tax statement or at

Online and Phone Payments:
Taxpayers wishing to pay online may do so at via credit card or electronic check. These forms of payment are also accepted by phone. Both online payments and phone payments will be charged a convenience fee by the processor. To pay by phone, taxpayers should have their tax bill available, call toll-free 1-877-690-3729, and follow the prompts, using jurisdiction code 3517. Taxpayers may also pay online through bill pay options offered by their banks.

Both online payments through the collector’s web page and phone payments will be accepted 24 hours every day until midnight on December 31, 2012, at which time both systems will be blocked. Paid tax receipts will be mailed after the funds are electronically received in the collector’s bank account and the payment is posted to the taxpayer’s tax account. Depending on the volume of payments made online or by phone, official receipts will be mailed to taxpayers by the collector’s office within five business days.

In-Person Payments:
Taxpayers wishing to pay property taxes in person may do so by taking their bills to the Boone County collector’s office during regular business hours, 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday through Friday. The collector’s office is located on the first floor of the Roger B. Wilson Government Center, on the southwest corner of 9th and Ash streets.  While there are no additional fees for using cash or checks, cards must be processed through a third party and add 2.5% to the tax bill. No card fees are retained by the collector’s office.

Taxpayers also have the option of using the twenty-four hour secure dropbox to pay their property taxes. Those wishing to do so are instructed to place a sealed envelope containing their payment (no cash) and accompanying bill in the dropbox located near the 9th Street entrance to the Government Center.

Under Missouri State Law, mailed payments must be postmarked by the United States Postal Service on or before December 31, 2012 to be timely and avoid late charges. Dates on metered mail are not valid for determining if the December 31 deadline has been met.

The collector encourages vehicle owners planning to renew license plates in January 2013 to pay their property taxes in person at the collector’s office so as to obtain the personal property tax receipts required by the Department of Revenue at the time of renewal.

More than 127,000 property tax bills totaling more than $160 million were mailed to Boone County taxpayers for 2012. Taxes are assessed on all real estate in the county and on personal property owned in the county on January 1, 2012. Taxes are due and payable as soon as the bills are received. Unpaid taxes will be assessed late payment charges beginning January 1, 2013. Taxpayers are reminded to contact the Boone County collector’s office by phone at (573) 886-4285 or by email at if they have not yet received their tax statement.