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COLUMBIA, MO (September 26, 2012) - Tis the hours to get out ‘n hunt treasure while mopin' up Columbia's creeks n' streams. That's right, we be lookin' fer lads in lassies to help spit shine up some ‘o th' mess in our creeks ‘n streams by volunteerin' some ‘o ye time. Brin' th' family and brin' some buckos, ‘n prepare fer a mornin' ‘o wanderin' th' banks ‘n wadin' through the water lookin' fer hidden ‘n submerged loot.
Okay, so it's not likely you'll talk like Capt. Jack Sparrow or find any real valuables, er loot, but with your help, we can keep some of our most valuable resources clean and improve the aquatic life and luster of our waterways.

The 9thAnnual Hinkson Creek Clean Sweep event will take place on Saturday, October 20 starting at 10:00 am and lasting until noon. Hinkson Clean Sweep is a city-wide stream cleanup event where volunteers work together to clean area streams. The result is a healthier watershed and attractive community. Volunteers will be provided mesh and trash bags. Sites will be led with trained volunteers and supporting staff. Select the location appropriate for you, your family, organization or group. Everyone can participate! Handicapped accessible locations are available. This event is appropriate for individuals, and groups of all sizes and people of all ages and abilities.

So ye land lubbers, smartly be off to n'sign up to help out at th' 9th Annual Clean Sweep on Saturday, October 20. Ye be glad ya did!

What'er ya wait'n fer? Sign up today! Arrgg!

Sponsored by:

City of Columbia, Missouri, Sierra Club, Boone County, Missouri, University of Missouri - Columbia, Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Department of Conservation - Missouri Stream Teams and Mid- Missouri Solid Waste Management District.