Boone County Circuit Clerk's Office Dresses Down for Charities

December 7, 2011— The Boone County Circuit Clerk’s Office is serving Boone County slightly less formally these days.

In 2007, the Circuit Clerk’s Office began a tradition of giving back to the community. Each month, employees of the Circuit Clerk’s Office have the opportunity to “dress down” in exchange for a $5 donation. These donations are then given to organizations which serve individuals and families in our county. In the past, organizations and programs like Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home, Hope Chest for Kids, The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri’s Buddy Pack Program, Central Missouri Honor Flight, Columbia Second Chance and Adopt-a-Soldier have benefited from this generosity. Since beginning the tradition in 2007, the Circuit Clerk’s Office has raised over $8,000 in charitable donations.

In the course of giving to local organizations, sometimes the need strikes even closer to home. Over the years, needs have arisen amongst fellow courthouse employees and the Circuit Clerk’s Office has risen to the occasion. “We are always quick to help out our own as well,” says Circuit Clerk Christy Blakemore.

As the holiday season approaches, the Circuit Clerk’s Office knows that this is often the most difficult time of the year for families as they struggle to pay for necessities while also trying to buy gifts for their loved ones. Because of this, the proceeds from both October and November’s dress-down days are being used a little differently. Instead of giving to two different charities through a cash donation, they will go the extra step and put this money toward adopting a family through the Voluntary Action Center. This year, they will have $320 to shop for food, clothes, toys and more for the members of their adopted family. In addition to these donations, it would not be unheard of for staff members to do a little shopping of their own to add to the pile of holiday surprises for their adopted family. Although getting to dress down is nice, the best part of this tradition is the knowledge that someone in our county is better off because of these efforts.

For more information, please contact Christy Blakemore, Circuit Clerk, at (573) 886-4000.


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