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Boone County Week in Review

for the week ending Saturday, July 2, 2011

COLUMBIA, MO, July 1, 2011

Things you might have missed

Boone County Commission attends West Central Commissioners Meeting

Boone County District I Commissioner Karen M. Miller and District II Commissioner Skip Elkin attended a meeting of the West Central Commissioners’ Association on Thursday, June 30. This quarterly meeting of the association was hosted by Bates County, and held at the Bates County Museum-Robertson Hall in Butler, MO. The West Central Commissioners’ Association is a regional association within the County Commissioners Association of Missouri (CCAM).

The ability to network with other county commissioners and share experiences is one of the primary benefits of attending these meetings, according to Miller. “You learn more from your peers than you do sitting around surrounding yourself by the same people you see everyday,” Miller said. She is this year’s president of the West Central Commissioners’ Association.

In addition to a program conducted by the host county, commissioners attending received a report on the recently closed Missouri state legislative session from Scott Marrs, a lobbyist for the CCAM, and Dick Burke, executive director of the Missouri Association of Counties (MAC). The commissioners also engaged in a question-and-answer session with Ivan Schraeder, MAC’s legal counsel.

Boone County is scheduled to be the host count for the West Central Commissioners’ Association meeting to be held in December.

The County Commissioners Association of Missouri was established in 1983 to create a close and cooperative relationship among the commissioners of the state, to provide an opportunity for its members to become better-informed about the powers and duties of their offices as described by state statutes and to investigate legislation relating to the office and responsibilities of county commissioner. CCAM has contracted with the Missouri Association of Counties to manage operations and perform administrative services for all workings of the association. More information about CCAM is available on its website at

Lamar Henderson, Public Information

Treasurer claims and returns $10,000 of unclaimed property to county coffers

Boone County Treasurer Nicole Galloway announced that she has claimed and will receive $9,961 worth of unclaimed property from State Treasurer Clint Zweifel in the name of Boone County. The funds will be received in about two weeks and placed in county general revenue. In some cases, the County is a custodian of the funds, and County Treasurer Galloway will now be responsible for returning the funds to the final rightful owners.

“When I took office, it was my priority to do a complete review and make sure we were using every resource available to us. That process led me to find we have unclaimed property,” County Treasurer Galloway said. “The county was owed nearly $10,000, we have claimed it and it will be received in about two weeks. This money will now go to work for citizens, and I have implemented a system to check with State Treasurer Zweifel once a quarter to see if Boone County has additional Unclaimed Property in the future.”

Galloway said the money became unclaimed property in several instances because checks were written to the County, sent to the wrong location and not associated with an invoice, so the County was never expecting payment. In other instances, the money actually belongs to an individual and the County was named on the account.

“For the property that belongs to an individual, I am responsible for returning it to them,” Galloway said. “Right now, I am developing an easy-to-use online searchable database that will be ready at the end of the summer so individuals can search for themselves, family and friends to see if they have property. While the system is being developed, anyone can call my office and we will do a search for them.”

To search for unclaimed property with Boone County Treasurer Galloway, call 573-886-4365 or e-mail To search State Treasurer Zweifel’s database, visit

Nicole Galloway, Treasurer

Information Technology conducts computer inventory

Starting Thursday, June 30, and continuing for the next few working days, Boone County employees may see Billy Way from the Information Technology Department making rounds to all the offices. Billy is performing a physical inventory of all computer equipment. Most items have a blue Boone County asset tag attached to them. Billy needs access to the tag so he can identify the items in inventory. During this process, he may need your assistance in moving any personal items obstructing the his ability to read the asset tag.

Thank you in advance for your help. Feel free to contact Aron Gish, director of the Information Technology Department with any questions at 573-886-4315 or

Aron Gish, Information Technology

Sheriff’s Department Biggest Loser competition starts Friday, July 1
Boone County Sheriff's Biggest Loser

The Sheriff’s Department is starting its Biggest Loser competition Friday, July 1. The sign-up fee is $5 with $1 penalty for every pound gained at subsequent weigh-ins. There will be weekly weigh-ins and chances at winning bi-weekly drawings.

The Male and Female biggest losers will split the pot 50/50 at the final weigh in on Friday, October 7. The end of the competition will tie in with our Health Fair being planned for that day. We are hoping for a great turn out for both events!

The Sheriff’s Department is striving to educate its employees on the importance of health awareness and intends to initiate several wellness programs in the near future.

Any Sheriff’s Department personnel wishing to participate in the Biggest Loser should contact Tara (Flowers) Strain in the Info Center.

Planning for the Sheriff’s Department Health Fair has just begun and has several eager people willing to help out. If you have the desire to help start a valuable program, please see Nina Turner or Tara (Flowers) Strain to get started.

Tara (Flowers) Strain, Sheriff's Department

Stormwater Coordinator on KBIA’s Intersections

Georganne Bowman, Boone County’s Stormwater Coordinator, appeared on the June 20 edition of Intersections, a half-hour program on KBIA-FM. The program’s topic was “Managing Missouri’s natural resources.” Also appearing on the program was Sara Parker Pauley, director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Amy Meier, Stream Team biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

A video of the program and a downloadable podcast are available at Bowman’s segment appears about 10 minutes into the program.

Lamar Henderson, Public Information

Mohr accepted to medical school

Cara L. Mohr, daughter of Becky and Kenny Mohr (Chief Appraiser in the Assessor’s office and a 20-year employee of Boone County) has been accepted to the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Cara was the Valedictorian at Hickman High School Class of 2007. Congratulations, Cara, Kenny and Becky.

Tom Schauwecker, Assessor

Video of Robb-McDavid soap box derby race online

A video of Commissioner Ed Robb beating Mayor Bob McDavid in the Mid-Missouri Soap Box Derby on Sunday, June 19, is available on the Citizens for Justice YouTube channel at The Robb-McDavid ace starts at 1:30 into the video.

Lamar Henderson, Public Information

Job opportunities

Boone County Human Resources is currently accepting applications for: Accountant - Treasurer's Office; Office Specialist - Civil Process; Office Specialist - Warrants Division; Corrections Officer; and Deputy Sheriff - Roster Eligibility Only. For more details about these positions, or to apply, please visit

Kara Coustry, Human Resources

In the news

Flood barriers placed along Katy Trail in Rocheport

On Wednesday, Dufur and the low-lying reaches of Rocheport gained extra flood protection. A crew of about 15 Boone County workers laid a row of concrete Jersey barriers along the Katy Trail. | Columbia Missourian

Boone County Fairgrounds incurs half-cent sales tax

The money from the tax will go to maintenance of the fairgrounds, said Southern Boone County Commissioner Karen Miller. Miller estimates that more than half the visitors to the fairgrounds are not county residents. | Boone County Journal

Bracing for impact

Boone County road crews work yesterday to install Jersey barriers along the Katy Trail in Rocheport. | Columbia Daily Tribune

Boone County law enforcement has adapted with times

In recent years, Boone County law enforcement has shown the ability to evolve and adapt. | Columbia Daily Tribune

1,000 days of storm water stories?

Columbia’s new city manager, Mike Matthes, says the cooperation between the city and Boone County is “remarkable.” County commissioner Karen Miller remembers a time when the opposite was true. | Columbia Daily Tribune

Rising river is closing roads in the county

The rising Missouri River closed another bottomland road in Boone County yesterday, and emergency management officials across the region continue to prepare for more flooding. | Columbia Daily Tribune

Hartsburg prepares for river to crest

Southern Boone County is still watching and waiting on the Missouri River to crest near Hartsburg. Although many hope the river won’t rise above 27 feet, Hartsburg and Boone County officials are constantly monitoring and prepared to take emergency measures if necessary. | Boone County Journal

Airport interchange on tap for fall

Construction of an interchange with elevated roundabout exit ramps along Highway 63 near Columbia Regional Airport is expected to begin in early September. | Columbia Daily Tribune

Ready for fireworks on the fourth

Unofficial celebrations will take place all around Boone County with fireworks being the noisiest means of celebrations. However, law enforcement officials and area physicians have sent out warnings to encourage the safe and legal use of fireworks. | Boone County Journal

Boone County prepares for flooding

Just one day after getting 100,000 empty sandbags, Boone County officials warned on Tuesday that flooding could occur in different parts of the county. | KOMU-TV

Gov. Nixon requests federal emergency declaration from the President because of unprecedented flooding

Gov. Jay Nixon today requested that President Barack Obama declare an emergency for the state of Missouri because of unprecedented flooding along the Missouri river system. | Office of the Governor of Missouri

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Media Contact:
Lamar Henderson
Public Information Officer
Boone County, MO