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Boone County Week In Review

February 27, 2010

For the week ending February 27, 2010

Things you may have missed...

County Educates Community on New Stream Buffer, Stormwater Regulations

On Wednesday, Boone County Stormwater Educator Nicki Fuemmeler and Boone County Stormwater Coordinator Georganne Bowman presented a stream buffer ordinance workshop to local contractors. The workshop educated attendees on the differences between the City and County's stream buffer ordinance and how to stay in compliance with both. There was also training on the County's stormwater ordinance and construction site requirements. About 25 contractors attended the seminar. A similar training session was conducted for engineers in December 2009. On Thursday evening, Fuemmeler and Bowman did a stream buffer presentation for the general public at the ShowMe Yards & Neighborhoods workshop. A training for Columbia Aquatic Restoration Project volunteers is scheduled for Monday, March 1.

Read the Boone County Stream Buffer and Stormwater Ordinances Here:

MODOT Plans Major Road Improvement for Boone County

On Tuesday, the Boone County Commission and staff from the Planning and Building and Public Works Departments met with representatives from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) to review proposed plans for a new interchange at Route H and Highway 63 near the Columbia Regional Airport. The new interchange would improve safety and ease access to the airport. MODOT officials said the project will most likely move forward if additional stimulus money is awarded to MODOT through a jobs bill that is being advanced through the US Senate. The plans also include new southbound lanes extending from the new interchange to just north of the KOMU-TV station facility. The old southbound lanes will become an access road.

Commissioners Speak at Legislative Hearings

Presiding Commissioner Ken Pearson and Northern Commissioner Skip Elkin traveled to Jefferson City this week to testify in front of the Missouri House and Senate. Pearson testified on Senate Bill 829 which would allow Boone and Cole counties to adopt nuisance abatement ordinances involving land with tires or storm water runoff conditions resulting in damage to buildings. Elkin testified on House Bill 1594 which would authorize counties to use ballot language which indicates that renewal of local taxes are an extension of the existing tax and not a new tax. He also testified on House Bill 1592 which would authorize Boone County to establish minimum occupancy standards for residential rental property and procedure for licensing and inspecting them, including reasonable fees.

County Receives DNR Grant for NIDS

The Boone County Commission received a $179,900 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Direct Loan and a $180,062 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The funds will be used for construction of wastewater collection and treatment systems for Brown Station and County Squire Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NIDS).

Human Resources Gives 2009 Review

On Thursday, Human Resources Director Betty Dickneite presented her department's 2009 annual report to the Boone County Commission. The report highlights the department's goals and accomplishments and gives provides numerical data related to job postings, turnover and new hires. The annual report is available online at

Board Appointment

On Thursday, the Boone County Commission reappointed Kay Evans to the Judicial and Law Enforcement Task Force.

Updated Address Essential for Voter Registration

The Boone County Clerk's office has mailed over 15,000 letters this week to voters who may need to update their voter registration addresses. The mailing is part of the voter registration list maintenance activities required under state and federal law. Because this mailing governs who's voter registration will be cancelled in the future, it is critical that voters respond to the mailing. Voters can return the form included with the mailing or they can go to the county clerk's Web site at to update their address. Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren encourages voters to utilize the Web site as it saves money. The Clerk's office used the Postal Service National Change of Address program to identify voters with incorrect address.

While over half of these mailings will be forwarded to a voter's correct address, an estimated 7,000 voters will not receive the notice because they have no forwarding address on file with the post office or the forwarding order expired. These voters are particularly at risk for having their voter registration cancelled if they do not update their address. Voters who have moved since they last voted need to check their voter registration on the county clerk's Web site at or call 573-874-4375.

Voters who update their address within the next week will receive their new voter ID card, sample ballot and polling place notice before the April election. If the address is not updated, the voter will not receive this mailing.Because of budget constraints, polling places for April and August are limited to 50 locations. It is critical that voters receive the polling place notice sent before each election. A voter's polling place assignment will be adjusted each election this year to balance resources to projected turnout in different parts of the county.

Election officials in Missouri are required to conduct list maintenance programs every two years to increase the accuracy of voter rolls. This year the required mailings are being funded through a grant awarded to Boone County by the Secretary of State's office.

Coming Up...

File Your Personal & Business Property Declarations

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010, is the last day to file personal and business property tax declarations. Personal property is assessed each year. The taxpayer is required to update all information concerning the make, model and year of autos, and purchase price and year of purchase for machinery, office equipment, etc. with the County Assessor at the start of each new year.

Boone County property owners can now file their 2010 personal and business property tax declarations online at

West Central Quarterly Meeting

The Boone County Commission will attend the West Central Commissioners quarterly meeting in Sedalia, Mo. Thursday, March 4.

Candidate Filing Opens

Filing for the office of County Treasurer will open March 1 at 8 a.m. in the office of Wendy S. Noren, County Clerk, Boone County, in the Boone County Government Center, 801 E. Walnut St. Room 236, Columbia. Filing ends March 30, 2010 at 5 p.m. For more information go to