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County Wants to Hear From Citizens

August 18, 2009

Public Hearings Aim to Solicit Feedback on Stormwater Ordinance

Boone County is submitting its draft stormwater ordinance for public feedback. After more than a year of development, discussion and debate with stakeholders, commissioners and county staff, Boone County is preparing to finalize the stormwater ordinance. The first public hearing is Thursday in Columbia. There will also be a hearing in Centralia September 14 and in Ashland September 21.

"The hearings will give the public an opportunity to let the elected officials know their opinion on the ordinance," said Stormwater Coordinator Georganne Bowman. "I hope people will come out to learn more about the issues and take the time to look at it from the perspectives of the different groups that will be effected."

During the public hearings, the public is encouraged to raise concerns or make suggestions to change or modify the ordinance language. At the end of the public hearing process, the P&Z Commission will either recommend or deny approval. If they recommend approval, the ordinance goes to the County Commission for an additional two readings and approval/denial. If approved, the County Commission will determine an effective date. All plans submitted after that date would be subject to the new ordinance.

The Federal Stormwater Phase II rule requires Boone County to develop an ordinance to reduce runoff and prevent pollution from entering the county's storm sewer system. Boone County must ensure that water leaving the MS4 meets the Department of Natural Resources' Water Quality Standards. The ordinance is the result of a lengthy collaboration from stakeholders, legal counsel, County Commissioners and Boone County Staff.

A local engineering consultant and two local firms helped Boone County staff draft the Stormwater ordinance.The consultant used current information from other communities, the Center of Watershed Protection’s model ordinance and local concerns as a framework. Next, Boone County tested the ordinance by contracting with two local engineering firms. Each firm conducted a cost analysis and review. One group focused on subdivision development, while the other looked at commercial development and a redeveloped property. Based on that review, the County modified the stormwater requirements in the ordinance to allow for additional design flexibility, and further reduce the cost of implementation.

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Public Hearing Schedule:

August 20-Commission Chambers, 801 E. Walnut St., Columbia MO.
Public Hearing will follow regular meeting which begins at 7:00 PM.

September 14-County Office, 1023 E Highway 22, Centralia, MO
7:00 P.M.

September 21-Ashland City Hall, 109 E. Broadway, Ashland, MO
7:00 P.M.