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Boone County Creates New Position, Director of Emergency Communications Center

December 16, 2019—The Boone County Commission has created a new leadership position, Emergency Communications Center Director. The position merges two former leadership positions, Directors of Emergency Management and Joint Communications. Chad Martin, current Director of Joint Communications, has been selected for the position.

In the months following the unexpected death of Tom Hurley, Director of Emergency Management, on June 30, 2019, Martin filled the role of Interim Director of Emergency Management as well as his own position, Director of Joint Communications. During that time, the Commission devoted significant time to evaluating the needs and management structure of the Office of Emergency Management. On November 21, 2019, during its regular biweekly meeting, the Commission approved the creation of the new job classification, Director of Emergency Communications Center.

Martin has over 20 years of experience working in County Government and 29 years of EMS, fire and law enforcement experience in Boone County. This experience has given Martin the institutional knowledge to continue the mission of the still relatively new Boone County department, as well as established relationships with public safety stakeholders throughout mid-Missouri, which has allowed for continuity of operations following the loss of Director Hurley.

This position was created with the best interests of the citizens of Boone County and the agencies working with both departments in mind. It is the belief of the Commission that merging these positions will offer the citizens and user agencies continuity for the services provided by both departments in the Emergency Communications Center.


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