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2019 Boone County Property Tax Statements Have Been Mailed

November 14, 2019 -Nearly 137,000 property tax statements, licenses, and special assessments totaling approximately $219 million for the 2019 bill year have been placed in the mail to Boone County taxpayers.

Brian McCollum, Boone County Collector of Revenue, recommends that taxpayers should always open and inspect their statements as soon as possible and identify any problems.  Taxpayers should contact the collector’s office with any issues so that they may be resolved efficiently and effectively before the December 31 due date.  The collector’s office encourages all taxpayers to pay early. 

Taxpayers are reminded to contact the collector’s office if they have not received their tax statements by December 1.  Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the obligation to pay the taxes due, and any applicable late charges that may apply.

Approximately 26,500 of the statements mailed are marked “INFORMATIONAL” and are going to owners of real estate who escrow their property taxes with a mortgage company or bank.  The mortgage company or bank notifies the collector’s office that they intend to pay the taxes from the owner’s escrow account.  The informational statements give Boone County property owners the opportunity to verify that the business entity listed on the tax statement is in fact the company holding their taxes in escrow.  If the mortgage company or bank shown on the statement is not supposed to be paying the taxes, the owner has a copy of the bill and can remit payment for the taxes, or contact their current escrow company regarding the remittance. 

Taxes are assessed on all real estate in the county, and on personal property declared in the county as of January 1, 2019.  The tax statements are due and payable upon receipt.  Under state law, late penalties and fees will begin to accrue on any unpaid taxes as of January 1, 2020.

There are several methods to make your payment.  Pay by mail to the Boone County Collector of Revenue, 801 E. Walnut Room 118, Columbia MO 65201.  However, remember to have a U.S. Postal Service postmark no later than December 31, 2019 – an office postage meter date does not qualify as a U.S.P.S. postmark.  The postmark determines the timeliness of payment.  Taxpayers are encouraged to check with their local post office to determine the cut-off time for December 31 postmarks.  Do not mail cash, and remember to sign your check.

Taxpayers can pay in person at the collector’s office, located on the first floor of the Roger B. Wilson Boone County Government Center, corner of 9th and Ash Streets in downtown Columbia.  The office hours are 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.  The last day to pay in person at the collector’s office is December 31.

Staff from the collector’s office will be accepting property tax payments in person at the Centralia City Hall on December 5 and 6.  And, at the Southern Boone County Library in Ashland on December 12 and 13.  Collection times are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm for all days.

Payments can also be placed in the 24-hour drop box located near the 9th Street entrance of the Government Center any time before midnight on December 31.  Payments that are placed in the drop box after December 31 will be considered delinquent and late charges will apply.

If paying taxes using an individual’s financial institution’s online bill payment system, please schedule the payment to be received in the collector’s office by December 20, 2019.  Also, taxpayers are asked to keep their payment information updated each year and they should reference the account number listed on their tax statement.

Lastly, payments can be made with a credit card or e-check online at the collector’s webpage; or, pay by phone at 1-877-690-3729, have your bill number handy and use the jurisdiction code 3517. 

Additional processing fees will apply to payments made with a credit card or e-check.  These fees are charged and retained by the payment processing company.

Vehicle owners planning to renew license plates in January 2020 should pay their property taxes in person or by mail in early December.  If waiting until late-December to pay, taxpayers should pay in person at the collector’s office so they may obtain the receipt needed to present to the Department of Revenue.

As a convenience to Boone County taxpayers, the collector’s office accepts partial payments on real estate and personal property taxes and assessments until the statement is paid in full.  Be advised that late penalties and fees will begin to accrue on any unpaid balance as of January 1, 2020.

The collector’s office also offers installment plans on real estate, personal property and neighborhood improvement district assessments.  Taxpayers can enroll in the program to pre-pay their annual tax liability by making monthly payments.

Taxpayers now have the option to receive their property tax statements and receipts electronically.  Taxpayers that wish to enroll can visit

Boone County taxpayers can contact the collector’s office at 573-886-4285 with questions or for more information; or, visit our website at


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