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(As of April 15, 2010)


Inspection by Boone County


On April 15th, 2010, the Stormwater Ordinance came into effect in Boone County, Missouri. The new ordinance not only makes it a crime to discharge pollutants, including sediment, into the storm drain system, but it now gives County inspectors the authority to inspect construction sites, stormwater management facilities and drains on private property that discharge to the County’s storm drain system. Inspectors can issue stop work orders in the event of a violation. If the site has security measures, such as a fence or gate, the owner must allow access to representatives of the County.



Pre-Construction Meeting

Inspector at Construction site


The Owner/Developer/Contractor shall notify the Boone County Chief Inspector a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours prior to the commencement of any earth moving activity that disturbs the root zone. A pre-construction conference will be held on site to ensure proper placement of buffer setbacks, the construction entrance and any specific or unusual details of the project. All contractors must sign the SWPPP before the Land Disturbance Permit can be issued and work can begin.




Periodic, Rain Event and Drive by Inspection


The inspector’s role is to ensure that all relevant precautions are taken to prevent pollutants and sediment in stormwater from impacting state waters. An inspector must also determine the adequacy of stormwater quality control measures. Inspectors will document and record all findings at the construction site using inspection forms, photographs, notes and written logs.




Stormwater Complaint Inspection


Boone County will develop a form for citizen’s to report suspected illegal dumping to the storm drain system or runoff from construction sites. This form will be available on the County website. The inspection staff will perform inspection on reported incidents. Where necessary, violation notices will be issued and enforced as required.



Underground Detention

Stormwater Discharge Permit Inspections


Inspections will be done to ensure proper construction and grading of the stormwater facility. No substantive changes can be made to an approved construction plan without the review and written approval of Boone County. Work with your County Inspector if field changes need to be made. Any major deviations from the plans will preclude the final inspection (and release of the security deposit) until the necessary filed corrections or plan revisions have been preformed and approved.



Final Inspection


Final approval of construction work under any permit shall be based on a field walk-through authorized by the Director. Requests for final inspection must be made in writing, all work must conform to the County approved plans/specifications, and permanent stabilization shall be completed with a satisfactory stand of vegetation. Once Boone County has issued final approval, the security deposit will be released, and the County Land Disturbance permit will be closed. 



Enforcement Procedures


Sediment runoff from construction activities is a violation of the Stormwater Ordinance no matter the area of disturbance. All hazardous materials and waste products must be managed and disposed of properly. Unauthorized connections to the Boone County storm drain system are a violation of the ordinance. Engaging in an activity that requires a permit without first obtaining a permit is a violation of the ordinance. 


If a violation is found on your site, the contractor will be notified and given up to seven (7) days to remedy the violation in a Land Disturbance Permit and up to forty-five (45) days for a Stormwater Discharge Permit.

If the violation has not been remedied within the time frame set forth in the notice, a stop work order may be issued and the permit(s) will be suspended. The stop work order shall state the reason for the order and the conditions under which the order and suspension will be lifted.

If the contractor does not complete the corrective activities within thirty (30) days, the permit(s) will be revoked.  After two (2) stop work orders are issued for similar violations on the same site, the permit(s) will be revoked.  





Any person who violates the stormwater regulations is guilty of a misdemeanor. Each day that the violation continues is considered a separate offense.    





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