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About the Boone County Stormwater Ordinance & Manual

What permits are required when building a house?


Several permits are required to build a house in Boone County.  These include a building permit, a driveway permit, a wastewater permit and a County land disturbance permit if more than one acre is disturbed (including driveway, leveling and borrow areas).

If the finished site has more than one acre of impervious surface in new construction, then the owner will also need to address stormwater management requirements for the site.

Individuals building a house are not required to have a set of building plans. However, county building inspectors will conduct inspections to ensure the structure meets the minimum code requirements. If the inspector notices that the site is not meeting erosion controls, then inspectors will notify the contractor/builder, and withhold all inspections until corrections are made.

The MoDNR land disturbance permit is waved on residential properties, and the county bonding will be waved if the costs of the erosion control practices for a single family residential are less than $10,000.   


When does a property fall under redevelopment requirements, and when is it considered new development?

This question is best discussed during the concept review meeting. However, generally speaking, any change to a property that has been previously developed, has infrastructure in place, and maintains the current use would be considered redevelopment.

Are easements required over tree and native vegetation preserved/re-established areas?


All properties except those zoned as single-family residential will need to establish easements for all tree and native vegetation preserved/re-established areas. ). If the preservation area is located off property (must be adjacent to the disturbed land) then an easement is required, even for single-family residential.


In addition, a maintenance plan will need to be submitted detailing how the area will be maintained, (i.e. frequency of mowing, removal of dead trees, management of noxious weeds, etc


Does construction of a farm pond over 1 acre trigger the stormwater or land disturbance permit requirements?


If you are building a pond or lake exclusively for agricultural purposes, (as defined by the Boone County Zoning Regulation), you do not need a Land Disturbance Permit from the County or MoDNR. If the pond is not going to be used for agricultural purposes and you will be disturbing over one acre of land, then you will need a Land Disturbance Permit from both Boone County and MoDNR.

What is the definition of agriculture?

Agricultural or Farming Activity is defined as the cultivating of soil, producing of crops and raising animals for food or fiber. This includes horticulture, beekeeping, aquaculture, silviculture and forestry. The raising and keeping of horses for any purpose other that the production of food and fiber is not considered agricultural activity.  

If I want to start another phase of a project that was started before April 15, 2010, do I have to get a Land Disturbance Permit?

If your plans are consistent with a permit or approval was granted prior to April 15, 2010 you are not required to get a County Land Disturbance Permit. 

When is a concept review meeting required?

A concept review meeting is required for all subdivisions and planned developments. Concept reviews are scheduled for the second and third Monday of each month. One week prior notice is required. Submittal information can be found in Chapter 1 of the subdivision regulations and Section 6 of the zoning regulations for Boone County. Concept reviews are not required for straight rezoing or for conditional use permits, although, they are advised.

When is a Pre-application Meeting required?

This meeting should be done as soon as the owner/developer knows what they want to do with a property, but prior to developing the plans. The Pre-application meeting is a chance to talk with County engineers and planners to discuss options for stormwater management and design layout. The county staff will also be able to answer questions about local, state and federal permitting requirements.  

Where should I submit my stormwater and/or land disturbance information?

Land disturbance applications and stormwater management calculations can be submitted to Boone County Resource Management at 801 E. Walnut, Room 315, Columbia Mo.

Does the Stormwater Management Construction Plan need to be prepared and sealed by a professional engineer?

Yes. Construction plans, including stormwater management plans must be prepared and sealed by a professional engineer who is licensed to practice in the State of Missouri.

Does the SWPPP and Erosion & Sediment Control Plan need to be prepared and sealed by a professional engineer? 

No. Anyone may write the SWPPP and draw the Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, as MoDNR does not require that they be done by a Professional Engineer.  However, the county will review and approve the plans to ensure they meet the county requirements.  The county may reject any SWPPPs or ESC plans that do not meet these standards. NOTE: A digital and paper copy of the SWPPP should be submitted.



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