7:00 P.M. Thursday, October 28, 1999

Chairperson Trabue, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Boone County Chambers having a quorum present.

Present: Tom Trabue, Chairperson

Linda Rootes, Vice Chairperson

Norma Keil

Absent: Jerry Kaufman

Larry Bossaller

Also present: Stan Shawver, Director

Thad Yonke, Staff

Noel Boyt, Secretary

Member Rootes and Member Keil seconded motion to approve the August 26, 1999 minutes. Approval by acclimation.

Chairperson Trabue explained the function of the Board of Adjustment. He stated that all decisions are based upon the Boone County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations which are considered to be part of the record of the proceedings.


Request by Thurman Cox to place a mobile home as a second dwelling to be used by his

daughter, on 10 acres located at 17151 N Barnes Rd., Hallsville, MO.

Bill Florea gave staff report stating that the property was zoned A-2 (Agriculture) as is all the surrounding property. The property is located on Anchorom Road approximately 3.5 miles northwest of Hallsville. There is a house on the property occupied by the applicant. The applicants are requesting a permit to allow their daughter and her family to place a mobile home on their land. The original on this tract on the property was A-2 and there have been no previous request submitted on behalf of the property. The application has been requested on the authority of Boone County Zoning Ordinance Section 15.C.4 (d)

To permit, in case of practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship, for a period of two

(2) years, the location of a mobile home on a lot.

Staff notified 14 property owners.

Mike Poe, 3501 New Haven Road came forward along with Thurman Cox, 17151 N Barnes Rd. addressed the Board. Mr. Poe stated they wanted to place a mobile home on his father-in-law’s property. They were looking for a small setting for there son to go to school and have a one on one attention for his needs. The in-laws would also be giving help that would be appreciated. Mr. Poe would also be helping Mr. Cox around his property.

Mr. Cox said that Logan, their grandson was the main reason for the request. Logan was in the audience and introduced. Mr. Cox stated Logan has CP and they wanted to have him close and be able to help the kids. Mr. Cox continued and said the trailer would be new.

Open to the public. No one spoke in favor or opposition to the request. Closed to the public.

Member Keil asked if the property had a total of 10 acres, why was this second dwelling request received? Director Shawver stated that this was for a second (2nd) dwelling because the applicant wanted the dwellings side by side.

Member Rootes asked staff if any responses were received from the 14 property owners notified? Mr. Florea said no responses were received.

Member Rootes asked that all the requirements to place a single wide would be handled through the building permit? Director Shawver said that once the permit would be applied for the steps would to be followed.

Member Rootes made and Member Keil seconded motion to approve the request by Thurman Cox to place a mobile home as a second dwelling to be used by his daughter, on 10 acres located at 17151 N Barnes Rd., Hallsville, MO. This would be a two (2) year renewal.

Chairman Trabue asked how long the applicants would be wanting the variance? Mr. Cox said until something would happen to he or his wife. Mrs. Cox spoke from the audience and stated they wanted Logan to attend Hallsville Schools. He would be able to go there until he graduates. Chairman Trabue stated that the regulations were set up for temporary hardships and not set up for permanent situations. He had no problem with the request but if there was any other way to handle it he would like to see that done. Chairman Trabue stated there was sufficient property to do a Family Transfer. Mr. Cox asked if this permit would be renewed in two years. Mr. Cox asked what other options would they have. Director Shawver stated that his father-in-law could transfer as little as 2.5 acres into their name through a Family Transfer. Then the mobile home would be a permanent home or additional lots could go through a plating process and sold.

Member Keil said it might be something they look at in the future. Mr. Thurman asked if this would come back in two years? Director Shawver explained the item would be a renewal and the process involved. Member Keil stated, if the permit is not renewed in two years, then the trailer has to be removed. Chairman Trabue stated he was not opposed with what they wanted to accomplish but wanted them (the applicant) to know what could happen in the future and the way the regulations are set up.

Motion to approve with 2 yr. renewal was read.

Linda Rootes yes Norma Keil yes Tom Trabue yes

Motion to approve with a two (2) year renewal was unanimous. 3 yes


Being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 7:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



M. Noel Boyt


Minutes approved at the December 2, 1999 BOA meeting.