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Boone County shall establish and maintain certain data files tracking traffic accident history reports and traffic safety complaints.   These data files provide the information necessary for the County to track and respond to traffic safety concerns in a timely matter and to document a discretionary decision, when required.

11.1  Accident Records

Traffic accident history reports available from the Missouri Highway Patrol Department will be reviewed semiannually.   The pertinent information will then be summarized in table form and posted on the GIS system mapping, once implemented.   The traffic accident information will include the following:


1. The location,

2. The type of accident,

3. The time and date of the accident,

4. The type of vehicle(s) involved,

5. The injury status, and

6. The damage to the vehicles.

This information will be review in evaluating safety projects in the County.



11.2  Safety Concerns

Safety concerns as described by the general public, county employees or officials, law enforcement personnel, and others will be addressed by the County.   When a safety concern has been expressed, the concern will be documented, in writing, and include the name, address, and telephone number of the individual expressing the concern, the location of the safety concern, and the type of safety problem.


Once the concern has been documented, the County will review the safety problem.   The review may include a site visit to the location, the traffic count data, the accident history, and other documented complaints.   From this information, the County will develop an evaluation of the site and a prioritization of the safety concern as compared with other safety projects around the County.   If applicable, an engineering design to improve the safety of the road may be developed.


Once the location of safety concern has been evaluated and prioritized, the individual expressing the concern will be notified, in writing, of the results of the evaluation and the action to be taken by the County.   All documentation of the safety concern will be placed in the appropriate road file.   A summary of the concern and the location will also be included in the GIS database, once implemented.


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