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On residential streets at least one unobstructed moving lane with a minimum width of 11 feet must be ensured even when parking occurs on both sides.   In general, parking will not be allowed on curves where hazardous situations may be created.   Engineering judgment will be used to determine if a parking restriction is warranted.   Parking restrictions will be approved by the County Commission prior to posting.

7.1 Parking

No parking shall be allowed on a road that has been signed or marked by means of official traffic control device.   When it is determined that parking signs (R7 series) are needed, the proper installment of such signs shall follow the MUTCD, Sections 2B.34 to 2B.36.   Parking signs should display the following information from top to bottom of the sign, in the order listed:

1.  Restriction or prohibition;

2.  Time of day if applicable, if not all hours; and

3.  Days of week if applicable, if not every day.


If the parking restriction applies to a limited area or zone, arrows or supplemental plaques should show the limits of the restriction.

Figure 7 shows typical parking restriction signs used in urban environments.

Figure 7.   Parking Restriction Signs



12” x 18”


12” x 18”

In rural districts, special parking prohibition signs may be used to emphasize that no person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle on the paved or traveled part of the highway.   The legend on rural parking signs must be appropriate to the restrictions imposed.   Figure 8 displays common rural parking restriction signs.



Figure 8.   Rural Parking Restriction Signs






24” x 24”

24” x 30”

24” x 30”

24” x 30”

Supplemental Plate

24” x 18”

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