Thursday, November 19, 1998

Chairperson Kirkpatrick called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., with a quorum present. Secretary Sloan took Roll Call.

Present: Keith Kirkpatrick, Chairperson Missouri Township

Darin Fugit, Vice-Chairperson Columbia Township

Mary Sloan, Secretary Rocky Fork Township

Bill Grace Centralia Township

Mike Morgan Bourbon Township

Jim Green Cedar Township

Patricia Smith Perche Township

Frank Abart Public Works Director

Also present: Stan Shawver, Director Thad Yonke, Staff

Bill Florea, Staff Noel Boyt, Staff


Commissioner Sloan made and Commissioner Smith seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the October 15, 1998 meeting, with no corrections.

Motion passed by acclimation.


Request by Robert LeMone on behalf of Simon Steel, Inc. to rezone from C-G (General Commercial) to M-LP (Planned Industrial) and approve a Review Plan for Simon Steel Subdivision on 2.4 acres, more or less, located at 5881 S Hwy 63 South, Columbia.

Planner Bill Florea reported that this property is located on the west side of the 63 South Frontage Road, adjacent to and north of Triple B Doors. The current zoning of the property is General Commercial C-G. Adjacent zoning is also C-G. The zoning to the east, across US 63, is Moderate Density Residential R-M. The applicant is purchasing a 4.18-acre tract, from a 55-acre parent tract, and intends to subdivide the property into two lots. One lot is proposed at 2.4 acres, the second lot is proposed to be 1.78 acres. The rezoning request for Planned Light Industrial (ML-P) applies to the proposed 2.4-acre tract only. A review plan has been submitted as part of this request. The proposed use is steel fabrication. The plan shows a single structure with dimensions of 100 feet by 175 feet, a landscaped courtyard, parking and a loading dock. The parking area and loading dock is screened from the road frontage by the landscaped courtyard. The plan also shows a 100 feet by 100 feet area, behind the proposed building, for future expansion and/or yard storage. The property has frontage on the US 63 Outer Road. An eight-inch water main runs under the front of the property. The water service provider is Consolidated Water District Number 1. There is no public sewer service available to the property, therefore an onsite wastewater system is being proposed. Fire protection will be provided by the Boone County Fire Protection District who will also determine fire protection requirements in association with construction of the building. The property is in the Columbia School District. There have been no previous requests submitted on behalf of this site. The Master Plan designates this area as being suitable for residential land uses. The property scores 68 points on the rating system. Staff notified 10 property owners concerning this request.

Staff recommends approval of the review plan, if the rezoning request is granted, subject to the title block on the plan being changed from Simon Steel Subdivision to Simon Steel Review Plan.

Skip Walther, attorney with offices at 700 E. Cherry St. approached the commission. He was accompanied by Patrick Simon, principal of Simon Steel, Inc. Mr. Walther explained to the Commission that his client is interested in having this parcel rezoned from C-G to M-LP. His business is such that it would require M-L, plus a conditional use permit,; however, their understanding of the zoning regulations will allow their use under the Planned district category. The applicant is buying a total of 4 acres of land, but is only requesting that 2.4 acres be rezoned to M-LP.

Mr. Walther explained that Simon Steel Inc is a steel fabrication business. They make ornamental iron objects such as lampposts, mailboxes and fences. The business includes both wholesale and retail sales. In addition, they will sub-lease a portion of the building to a business that makes marble and granite countertops. They will have a retail area also.

Mr. Walther stated that the proposed uses are industrial, but they will not create any more noise, odor, or dust than other uses in the area. The neighboring property is occupied by Triple B Door Company, which makes wood product doors. So the use that Simon Steel is proposing is consistent with the surrounding land uses. Additionally, the County Public Works Department and Williams Brother Pipeline is located to the north.

The public hearing was opened. No one spoke in support or opposition to the request.

Chairman Kirkpatrick asked what was intended for the area shown on the plan as "Lot 2." Mr. Simon stated that they have no plan for that area at this time, and it is not included in the rezoning request. Mr. Walther stated that the lot will be used in accordance with the zoning regulations or they will have to return for future consideration. The land will have to be platted after the rezoning is approved.

Commissioner Grace asked how many employees they will have. Mr. Simon stated that Simon Steel employs 15 people, and that the other business will have 3 employees.

Commissioner Abart stated that the interior road shown is not wide enough for a commercial or industrial type road. In addition, there is concern that the roads shown could be used to access property to the west of this site, which could cause future circulation problems. Mr. Simon stated that the roads were to access his property alone and would provide access to the loading areas and parking lot. One road will be for public use, the other will be for contractors.

Chairman Kirkpatrick asked staff if a condition could be placed on Lot 2 to restrict its use. Director Shawver explained that Lot 2 is not part of the request, consequently, no conditions could be placed on it. However, the final plan should only show Lot 1, so that will accomplish the same thing.







Commissioner Green made and Mike Morgan seconded a motion to approve the Review Plan for Simon Steel Planned Industrial Development, with the condition that the plan reflect that is a Review Plan, and not a subdivision plat.

Jim Green yes Mike Morgan yes

Mary Sloan yes Keith Kirkpatrick yes

Frank Abart yes Pat Smith yes

Bill Grace yes Darin Fugit yes

Commissioner Fugit made and Frank Abart seconded a motion to recommend approval of the rezoning request of Simon Steel Inc to rezone 2.4 acres from C-G to M-LP.

Darin Fugit yes Frank Abart yes

Keith Kirkpatrick yes Mary Sloan yes

Bill Grace yes Jim Green yes

Pat Smith yes Mike Morgan - yes

Both motions carried unanimously.




Brittany Acres. S29-T50N-R11W. A-2. James and Virginia Baskett, owners. Brian D. Dollar, surveyor.

Planner Yonke reported that this one lot plat is located on the west side of Highway OO 2 miles southeast of Hallsville. The area being subdivided contains 5.00 acres. This property is zoned A-2, as is the surrounding property. These are the original 1973 zonings. An administrative survey has been concurrently submitted on the remaining portion of the property to keep this splat from leaving an illegally created remainder. This plat is in the service area of Public Water District No. 4. There is currently a 4" waterline along the east side of State Highway OO. Sewage treatment is proposed to be on-site. A lagoon site is indicated on the plat. The developer has requested a waiver of the requirement for traffic analysis and cost benefit analysis for sewage treatment. This plat has 43 points on the point rating system.

Commissioner Fugit made and Frank Abart seconded a motion to grant the waivers and approve the plat.

Darin Fugit yes Frank Abart yes

Mary Sloan yes Keith Kirkpatrick yes

Jim Green yes Pat Smith Yes

Mike Morgan yes Bill Grace yes

The plat and waivers were approved unanimously.

Murray Estates. S23-T48N-R14W. A-2. Otsie and Ramona Murray, owners. Bill R. Crockett, surveyor.

This three lot minor plat is located on Route UU just east of the intersection of UU and Route O, approximately three miles west of Columbia. There is an existing mobile home on proposed Lot 2 and an existing home, barn and shed on proposed Lot 3. Lots 1 and 2 have direct access to Route UU. Lot 3 will have access to Jakes Bluff Drive through T&J Estates Subdivision, which is west of and adjacent to the subject property. The applicant has submitted a request to waive the requirement to provide a traffic analysis. Small onsite wastewater systems will be used for wastewater disposal. There are existing lagoon on lots 2 and 3. The limits of on site sewage disposal facilities are shown on each lot. The applicant has submitted a request to waive the requirement to provide a wastewater cost-benefit analysis. Potable water service will be provided by Consolidated Public Water Supply District Number 1. An existing six-inch main along Route UU provides service to Lot 2 and can provide service to Lot 1. A meter at the end of Jakes Bluff Drive currently serves Lot 3. The proposal scored 49 points on the rating system.

Commissioner Abart made and Mike Morgan seconded a motion to grant the waivers and approve the plat.

Frank Abart yes Mike Morgan yes

Pat Smith yes Bill Grace yes

Mary Sloan yes Darin Fugit yes

Jim Green yes Keith Kirkpatrick yes


The plat and waivers were approved unanimously.


Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:26 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,





Mary Sloan


Minutes approved on this 17th, day of December, 1998.