7:00 P.M. - October 27, 1994

Third Floor conference Room

City/County Building - 701 E. Broadway



PRESENT: Tom Schneider, Chairman

Keith Kirkpatrick

Larry Benton

Jerry Kaufman

ABSENT: Norma Keil

ALSO PRESENT: Gene Proveromo, Staff

Noel Boyt, Secretary

Chairperson Schneider called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Roll call was answered as above. The minutes of August 25, 1994 were reviewed. Board Member Keith Kirkpatrick made and Board Member Larry Benton seconded motion to approve the minutes as noted. Motion was approved by acclamation.


Mel and Bonnie Zelenak request a variance from the side building line of 6í as required in the A-R zoning district for property located at 7390 North Shore Drive, Hartsburg. Request had been made by the applicant to postpone hearing until the next Board of Adjustment Meeting. Chairperson Schneider made and Board Member Kirkpatrick second to table the request for a variance. Motion was approved by acclamation.



Review permit for Elzie and Marie Baker for a mobile home as a second dwelling for their grandson on 1.0 acres located at 7002 New Haven Road.

Chairperson Schneider made a general statement explaining Board procedures and the right of the applicant to be heard by the full board.

Gene Poveromo gave a staff report regarding the condition of the property and the mobile home. He showed pictures taken the day before showing vehicles on the property. Mr. Poveromo showed the pictures from the previous variance when approved in 1993. One call had been received regarding the condition of the yard and junk vehicles on the property. Mr. Poveromo stated the trailer is not visable from the road.

Mr. Kenneth Baker Sr. son of Elzie Baker addressed the board regarding the renewal of the second dwelling permit. His fatherís health is still deteriorating. Family members need to be with him and take care of him. Regarding the vehicles on the property, Mr. Baker stated he had recently received the title to the 1972 Chevy truck, he was trying to put a motor in and sell. The 1968 Ford he could not get parts for. He said he was trying to get it sold to a salvage yard and removed from the property.

Chairman Schneider wanted to state for the record that 3 letters from physicians regarding the health of Mr. Elzie Baker had been received.

Board Member Kirkpatrick mentioned he hated to see things drag on. The county would try to accommodate regarding the hardship but the condition of the property was a concern.

Vicky Vines, next door neighbor to the Bakerís, addressed the Board. She said she understood the hardship with his father but she stated she wanted the trailer removed. It was visible from her house.

Mr. Baker stated that Ms. Vines just bought her property this last summer. He said she saw the condition of the trailer and vehicles before buying the property. Mr. Baker said he would be selling the 1968 Ford as soon as possible and could have the 1972 truck fixed before January.

It was noted that no restriction on the second dwelling and/or property were made last year.

Board Member Keith Kirkpatrick made and Member Kaufman seconded motion for the variance to continue six (6) months and the property is to be cleaned up to the satisfaction of the County Planning staff and this board.

Voting was as follows:

Keith Kirkpatrick yes Jerry Kaufman yes

Larry Benton yes Tom Schneider yes

Motion to continue variance for 6 months passed.



Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Noel Boyt, Secretary

On this ___________ day of January, 1995.