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Standardization for Real Estate Documents

Recording Guidelines

2001 House Bill 606 and Senate Bill 515, effective January 1, 2002, made substantial changes to requirements for documents to be recorded with any Missouri Recorder of Deeds. The bill, which repealed §§ 59.310 and 59.313 RSMo. and enacted new §§ 59.005, 59.310 and 59.313, allows Recorders to reject non-conforming documents and provides for a penalty fee of $25 to record non-conforming documents. The information below is based on the text of the statute and the practical interpretation thereof by the Recorders Association of Missouri (RAM) along with Missouri Bar Association, Missouri Bankers Association and Missouri Land Title Association.

Specific document-formatting requirements include:

Pre-printed deed forms on letter-size paper may be recorded so long as a cover page meeting the above requirements is affixed to the front. If a document is rejected for failure to meet any one or more of the foregoing requirements, the statute requires the Recorder to state the reasons for the rejection. (RAM is developing a standard rejection form for use throughout the state.) Documents exempt from the foregoing format requirements include:

Recorder’s fees established by the bill are as follows:

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