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Standardization for Real Estate Documents

Other Filing Requirements

A recording certificate is placed in the top 3" margin of the first page of the document when it is recorded. If a document does not meet recording standards, it will be recorded "NON-STANDARD" and there will be an additional $25.00 nonstandard penalty added to the normal recording fees. (RSMo 59.310)

Standardization Requirements for Recording Documents

Notice of Intent to File Mechanic's And Materialmen's Liens (RSMo 429.110)

Please contact the Recorder of Deeds office for filing fee information. No grantee address is required for recording.

Notice of Home Schooling Documents (RSMo 167.042)

Please contact the Recorder of Deeds office for filing fee information. No legal description is required for recording. The notice of home schooling in standard format must contain:

Underground Facilities (RSMo 319.023)

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