Bid Tabulation
77-16DEC03 - Mechanic Services Heavy Equipment and Trucks - Term & Supply
    Tri-State Construction Equipment Co. Crown Power and Equipment Co.
4.7.2.  Item Description   Unit Price Unit Price
  Our bid is for the following:    
  Heavy Equipment Service Only X  
  Truck Repair Service Only    
  Both Heavy Equipment and Truck Repair Service   X
  1 Material/Parts (Total Cost plus%) $0-$749.       Deere List MSRP
  2 Material/Parts (Total Cost plus%) $0-$749.      $750-$4,499 Deere List MSRP
  3 Material/Parts (Total Cost plus%) $4,500-& up.       Deere List MSRP
  5 Standard Mechanic Labor Rate Per Hour       $68.00/hour; $75.00/hour in the field; $85.00/hr. overtime; $95.00/hr. holiday time $70.00/hour
    Name of Flat Rate Manual Used for Costing Services N/A Realtime and OEM
  6 Flat Mechanic Service Labor Rate (Straight Time)       N/A $67.50/hour
  7 Flat Mechanic Service Labor Rate (Nights & Weekends) N/A $77.50/hour
  8 Flat Mechanic Service Rate ( Holidays)       N/A $80.00/hour
  9 Service Call Mileage Charge for equipment located throughout the county $1.25/mile plus $50/hr. $25.00/Zone Charge
4.9. Call Response Time: After notification of County       4 hours 2 hours
4.12. Maximum % Increase for 2nd Contract Period 3% 0%
  Maximum % Increase for 3rd Contract Period 5% 5%
4.13.   Coop Yes Yes
Addendum #1 Returned? Yes Yes
No Bids
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