Bid Tabulation    
39-18JUN02-Prescription Medication Term and Supply    
Pharmacy Services
D&H Drug Store Contract
Pharmacy Services
4.7.1. Itm Description Unit Price Unit Price Unit Price
  1 Name Brand Drugs: % Discount off of Avg. Wholesale Price AWP Minus 15% AWP Minus 13% AWP Minus 10%
  2 Generic Drugs: % Discount off of Medicaid Maximum Allowable
Cost or Avg. Wholesale
AWP or
MAC Minus
25% AWP or
MAC Minus
30% AWP or
MAC Minus
  3 Dispensing Fee Per Prescription (max $4.00)    $      4.00    $        3.00    $      1.00
  4 OTC Drugs % Discount off List Price   30%   10%   20%
  5 Consultation Hourly Fee Per Hour  $    50.00 Per Hour  $       60.00 One hour provided free - then $40.00/hour
    Addendum? yes yes yes
4.7.2.   Price List Utilized for Pricing Red Book Red Book 1st Data Bank
4.7.3.   Medications which do not apply HIV anti-viral meds, blood products, immune response modifiers, clotting factors, biotechnology drugs, hepatitis C treatments Special Order (non stock) items must be purchased in full manufactuer package size N/A
4.7.4.   Policy for unused and returned Pharmaceuticals. Customer pays freight on all returns No Returns Yes - as approved by the MO Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations
4.7.5.   Service to start within _____ Calender days after receipt
of Notice to Proceed and Purchase Order.
15 days 7 days 30 days
No Bids                                                     Opened By: Melinda Bobbitt
                                                              Recorded By: Curt Kippenberger
                                                                          Time: 1:45 p.m.
                                                                          Date: June 18, 2002