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Children's Services Fund 2016 Organization Information

UMC - Aaron Thompson PhD, Wendy Reinke PhD, Keith Herman PhD, Kristin Hawley PhD

Family Access Center for Excellence (FACE)

Goal: The Family Access Center for Excellence (FACE), "The FACE of Boone County" seeks to not only serve as a mechanism to expand access and improve coordination of existing service for youth and families - but also seeks to improve the quality of existing services in Boone County.

Contact Information: Erin Reynolds, LCSW

Office: 573-771-FACE(3223)

Website: https://faceofboonecounty.org/

Boys and Girls Club of Columbia Area

Great Futures Start Here

Goal: To address poverty by providing affordable, safe, and positive afterschool and summer quality programs led by highly trained staff in healthy lifestyles, character development, parent led family engagement and in depth case management and counseling.

Contact Information: Valorie Livingston, Executive Director

Office: (573)874-1697

Website: http://www.bgc-columbia.org/

Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association

Monthly Respite Program

Goal: The monthly respite program goals are to decrease family stress and disruption and increase social skills and relationship building. Children and youth served will be able to label emotions and feelings non-violently in a healthy environment, while families will be decreasing stress levels.

Contact Information: Amanda Towns, Operations Director

Office: (573)298-0258

Website: http://ccfosteradopt.com/

Child Abuse and Neglect Emergency Shelter, Inc. dba Rainbow House

Rainbow House Parenting Class Program

Goal: Rainbow House Parenting Class Program's goal is to provide support and parenting skills education (i.e. self-care, stress & anger management, child development, communication skills, positive discipline, accessing community resources, etc) to at-risk parents/families to diminish child abuse & neglect.

Contact Information: Adielle Ehret, Rainbow House Clinical Director

Office: 573-474-6600 Ext. 2117

Website: http://www.rainbowhousecolumbia.org/

CHA Low-Income Services, Inc. (CHALIS)

Youth Community Coalition, Communities that Care

Goal: Establish, support, and continuously build the capacity of local coalitions to advocate for and deliver services which promote strong families and successful youth in Ashland, Centralia, Columbia, Hallsville, Harrisburg, and Sturgeon.

Contact Information: Becky Markt, Director of Resident Services

Office: 573-443-2256 Ext. 1250

Website: http://www.columbiaha.com/

First Chance for Children (FCFC)

Boone County PAT+ Program

Goal: To provide at-risk families with a home visitation program so they can be resilient through the development of protective factors. To help school systems develop a PAT+ program that meets these families needs. For children to enter school ready for success.

Contact Information: Tammy Byington, Parent Educator Program Coordinator

Office: (573)777-1815 Ext. 204

Website: http://www.firstchanceforchildren.org/

Fun City Youth Academy

Fun City Youth Academy

Goal: To promote healthy lifestyles and improve mental health outcomes for low income youth and their families through academic, cultural, and recreational services and caring relationships for the development of social and emotional resilience.

Contact Information: Bonnie Yantzi

Office: (573)256-1436

Website: http://funcityyouthacademy.org/

Harrisburg Early Learning Center

School Age and Early Childhood Services

Goal: Providing early childhood education to the children of Boone County, preparing children for entry into kindergarten, involving parents in the education of their children, providing quality and structured before and after school programming, providing quality and structured summer enrichment programming.

Contact Information: Kim Harvey, Executive Director

Office: (573)875-5959

Website: http://harrisburgearlylearningcenter.com/

Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri

Maternal Mental Health

Goal: Our goal is to increase the number of mothers (and young children, when applicable) who receive timely treatment for depression and its effects. Early and effective therapy can mitigate depression's effects on the parent, the child, and the parent-child relationship.

Contact Information: Heather Wall, Regional Director

Office: (573)815-9955

Website: http://lfcsmo.org/

Missouri Girls Town Foundation, Inc.

Keeping Kids Safe

Goal: Keeping Kids Safe Program's goal is to create positive and safe outcomes for at-risk youth living in Boone County. Therapeutic mentoring, respite and temporary shelter, at-risk youth and parents will be provided the education, guidance and support necessary to transition youth into adulthood.

Contact Information: Kathleen Becker, Executive Director

Office: (573)642-5345 Ext. 11

Website: http://missourigirlstown.org/

Nora Stewart Early Learning Center

Nora Stewart

Goal: The case management services will help children and families enrolled in Nora Stewart Early Learning Center with information on community-based health and mental health service, improved family functioning and cohesion, improved school readiness, and improved health outcomes.

Contact Information: Cheryl Howard, Executive Director

Office: (573)449-5981

Website: http://www.norastewart.com/

Phoenix Programs


Goal: The goals of Apex are to reduce mental health symptoms, substance use and promotion abstinence from alcohol/drugs by increasing positive social activity, positive peer support an improved relationships with family while increasing psychological stability and decreasing psychological distress.

Contact Information: Kara Harris, Adolescent Counselor

Office: (573)875-8880 Ext. 2115

Website: http://phoenixhealthprograms.com/

The Curators of the University of Missouri (on behalf of the Department of Psychiatry)

System Offering Actions for Resilience (SOAR)

Goal: Build a system to address gaps in existing services for children ages 0-6 years and their families. This includes prevention/promotion activities, screening, information/referral, training and consultation of the workforce, and provision of an evidence based treatment for young children.

Contact Information: Dr. Laine Young-Walker, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Division Chief and Training Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry

Office: (573)884-6136

Website: In development

Youth Empowerment Zone

The Employment Program

Goal: The goals of our Employment Program is to provide primary avenues for employment preparation through encouraging the continuation of formal secondary and post secondary education, increasing professional development skills and connecting youth to networks of economic opportunities.

Contact Information: Katherine Wilson, Program Director

Office: (573)256-1896 Ext. 203

Website: http://www.yezweb.org/

Burrell Behavioral Health, Inc.

Family Health Program

Goal: Burrell Behavioral Health provides wraparound program to underserved populations and includes psychiatric case management, psychiatry, therapy, medication management and physical health support for youth age 19 and younger who have behavioral health issues and their families.

Contact Information: Rachel Jones, Director of Children's Services

Office: 573-777-8330

Website: http://www.burrellcenter.com/

CHA Low-Income Services, Inc. (CHALIS)

Moving Ahead Afterschool and Summer Program (MAP) - MAP for Mental Health Project

Goal: CHA Low-Income Services provides afterschool and summer youth development services, parent engagement services, site-based mentoring services, and mental health support services.

Contact Information: Becky Markt, Director of Resident Services

Office: (573)443-2256 Ext. 1250

Website: http://www.columbiaha.com/

Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS)

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

Goal: TOP is a program that includes: weekly TOP meetings, service learning projects, parent outreach activities, and 1:1 sessions for students in grades 4 through high school as identified by school guidance counselors and teachers.

Contact Information: Michelle Shikles, Community Health Promotion Supervisor

Office: (573)874-6331

Website: http://www.gocolumbiamo.com/

Compass Health Inc. dba Family Counseling Center of Missouri, Inc.

Boone County Parachute Program

Goal: Family Counseling Center provides: individual/group counseling, psychiatric assessment/evaluation, nursing services, medication management, group education, counseling and community support services for adolescents ages 12-16 who are involved with the juvenile justice system or referred by parents.

Contact Information: Vinita Khanna, Central Region Addictions Recovery Director

Office: (573)449-2581

Website: http://www.compasshealthhome.org/pathways-community-health

Heart of Missouri CASA

Child Advocacy

Goal: Child advocacy services for Boone County children involved in Boone County Circuit Court abuse and neglect cases.

Contact Information: Sara Echternach, Interim Executive Director

Office: (573)442-4670

Website: http://www.heartofmissouricasa.com/

Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri

The Nurturing Network

Goal: Services include: case management, counseling, parenting and life skills curriculum, financial/material assistance, and indirect services-specialized referrals for Boone County families with young children (infant to age 5) and pregnant and parenting teens who are at-risk of child abuse and neglect and other risk factors.

Contact Information: Heather Wall, Regional Director

Office: (573)815-9955

Website: http://lfcsmo.org/

Child Abuse and Neglect Emergency Shelter, Inc. dba Rainbow House

Children's Emergency Shelter

Goal: Services include: temporary shelter, counseling, respite care, community outreach, and wellness groups for children in Boone County.

Contact Information: Kelsey Louder, Shelter Director

Office: (573)474-6600 Ext. 2118

Website: http://www.rainbowhousecolumbia.org/

Child Abuse and Neglect Emergency Shelter, Inc. dba Rainbow House

Homeless Youth Shelter

Goal: Services include: temporary Shelter, case management, counseling, service coordination, life skills, and street outreach to homeless youth ages 16-19 years of age.

Contact Information: Kelsey Louder, Shelter Director

Office: (573)474-6600 Ext. 3203

Website: http://www.rainbowhousecolumbia.org/

Sustainable Farms and Communities, Inc.

Access to Healthy Food

Goal: Provides funds to match Boone County participants with children 19 years of age and younger who receive SNAP and/or WIC benefits to be used at Columbia Farmer's Market.

Contact Information: Kenneth Pigg, Chairperson, Board of Directors

Office: (573)289-0913

Website: http://www.sfandc.org/

The Curators of the University of Missouri (on behalf of the Department of Psychiatry)

MU BRIDGE Program: School-Based Psychiatry

Goal: Outpatient psychiatric services and nurse case management for Boone County children and adolescents who are in need of psychiatry services.

Contact Information: Chris Petner, RN and Carole Schutz, MS RN, Program Managers, Nurse Consultants

Office: (573)268-5129 or (573)268-4921

Website: http://medicine.missouri.edu/psychiatry/bridge-program.html

The Curators of the University of Missouri (on behalf of the Department of Psychiatry)

Early Childhood - Positive Behavior Support (EC-PBS)

Goal: Program-wide coaching/behavioral consultation and training for early childhood facilities, teachers and parent/families with children ages 0-6.

Contact Information: Vicki Davolt, EC-PBS Coordinator and Lead Coach

Office: (573)884-6843

Website: http://medicine.missouri.edu/psychiatry/

The Curators of the University of Missouri (on behalf of the Psychological Services Clinic) MU PSC

Mental and Behavioral Healthcare

Goal: Clinic-based therapy for youth psychological problems/disorders and home/community-based Multisystemic Therapy (MST) for juvenile offenders for Boone County children ages 2 through 19 years, and their caregivers who are seeking mental and behavioral health care.

Contact Information: Debora Bell PhD, Primary Investigator

Office: (573)882-2254

Website: http://psychology.missouri.edu/clinic/ and http://youthmentalhealth.missouri.edu/

Burrell Behavioral Health, Inc.

Brain Train

Goal: Clinician supervised computer assisted feedback training for Boone County children and youth with ADHD, as well as children for whom traditional medication management alone may not be proving effective in improving attention span.

Contact Information: Marlene Howser, Director of Specialty Clinics

Office: (573)777-8300

Website: http://www.burrellcenter.com/

Central Missouri Community Action

Building Resilience through Interdisciplinary, Developmentally Guided Engagement (The BRIDGE)

Goal: Services provided include: child and family success plans, mental health status assessments, participation in social/educational activities, referrals to community services, Teacher Passports to Proficiency, parent meetings, individual events, and community training events for a small number of Head Start participants attending kindergarten in the Columbia Public Schools during the 2015-2016 school year, teachers, parents/families, and community members.

Contact Information: Mernell King, Early Childhood Programs Director

Office: (573)443-8706 Ext. 1028

Website: https://www.showmeaction.org/

CHA Low-Income Services, Inc. (CHALIS)

Healthy Home Connections

Goal: Services provided include: family support, parent engagement, community-based mentoring, and mental health support for children ages 0 through 18 years of age, whose families participate in CHA Housing Voucher program.

Contact Information: Becky Markt, Director of Resident Services

Office: (573)443-2256 Ext. 1250

Website: http://www.columbiaha.com/

Great Circle

Early Assessment and Intervention Services for Outcomes Now (EAI's-ON)

Goal: Therapy, case management, assessment, family group facilitation and home visitation for Boone County children up to the age of 19 and their families who already have a child or children placed in protective custody within the last 30 days.

Contact Information: Julia Adami, Director of Community Based Services - Central Region

Office: (573)442-8331

Website: https://www.greatcircle.org/index.php/impact/central-region/

Phoenix Programs

Creating Lasting Family Connections

Goal: An evidence based, prevention program that provides family education and mental health screenings to reduce drug and alcohol use and improve family connections for at-risk Boone County children and youth, ages 9-18 with the key risk factor of one or more parents who are former or current substance abusers in treatment and/or recovery from alcohol and other drugs.

Contact Information: Kara Harris, Adolescent Service Specialist

Office: (573)875-8880 Ext. 2101

Website: http://phoenixhealthprograms.com/

The Curators of the University of Missouri (on behalf of the Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition)

Training and Case Management

Goal: Mental health preventive and intervention services that includes: training of school staff, intervention materials, case management, and wraparound services for Boone County school-aged children and teachers.

Contact Information: Dr. Lou Ann Tanner-Jones, Assistant Clinical Professor Director, BCSMHC

Office: (573)489-0719

Website: http://bcschoolsmh.org/

The Curators of the University of Missouri (on behalf of the Psychological Services Clinic)

Psychological Services Clinic

Goal: Mental health screenings and referrals for Boone County children ages 2 through 19 years of age and their caregivers, and training in Evidence Based Practice (EBP) for licensed mental health providers and trainees who serve these individuals.

Contact Information: Debora Bell PhD, Primary Investigator

Office: (573)882-2254

Website: http://psychology.missouri.edu/clinic/ and http://youthmentalhealth.missouri.edu/

The Curators of the University of Missouri (on behalf of the Division of General Pediatrics)

Healthy Steps for Young Children

Goal: Services include home visits, well-child visits, telephone information line, child development check ups, written material, parent support groups, and referral for Boone County children and parents with newborns and children identified as high-risk for developmental and behavioral health problems. This program's ultimate goal is to integrate behavioral health with physical health.

Contact Information: Cassie Thompson, Healthy Steps Specialist

Office: (573)884-8045

Website: http://medicine.missouri.edu/childhealth/pediatric-clinic.html

The following crosswalks were developed to provide the community with an opportunity to see how the 2014 Children's Services Funds were appropriated to organizations utilizing three separate eligibility and priority areas:

  1. Statutorily Eligible Services Areas as defined by RSMo. ยง210.861
  2. Issues identified in the Community Input Report prepared by the Institute of Public Policy, Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri. The Boone County Community Services Board also adopted prevention (At-Risk and In-Risk) as another priority area to include in this report.
  3. Recommendations of the Policy Brief, Are the Children Well? A model and recommendations for Promoting the Mental Awareness of the Nation's Young People, Prepared by David Murphy, et al. (July 2014)

Further funding opportunities will be made available based on the alignment with the eligibility and priority areas outlined in these crosswalks.

Are the Children Well Recommendations

Priority Areas

Statutorily Eligible Service Areas

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