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  • Oct 4, 2019

Evidence-Based Practices: Cure Violence

Cure Violence

Evidence-Based Practice

Cure Violence approaches violence with the understanding that violence is an epidemic process that can be stopped using the same health strategies employed to fight epidemics. This theory of change utilizes carefully selected and trained workers — trusted members of the communities we serve — to interrupt violence using a three-prong approach:

  • Detect and interrupt the transmission of violence
  • Change community norms
  • Change the behavior of the highest potential transmitters

Implementation sites include:

Additional Resources:

  • Cure Violence Program - Crime Solutions (Chicago, IL)
    Program Summary from the website: " A violence prevention program that uses a public health approach, using trained street violence interrupters and outreach workers, public education campaigns, and community mobilization to reduce shootings and killings."
  • Cure Violence Global: United State Implementation Sites and Data Provides a multitude of resources including: handouts, evaluations and studies, and videos
  • PBS: The Interrupters (2-hour documentary)
    Description of the documentary from PBS: "The Interrupters presents unforgettable profiles in courage, as three former street criminals in Chicago place themselves in the line of fire to protect their communities. The two-hour film follows the lives of these “Violence Interrupters,” who include the charismatic daughter of one of the city's most notorious former gang leaders, the son of a murdered father, and a man haunted by a killing he committed as a teenager. As they intervene in disputes to prevent violence, they reveal their own inspired journeys of struggle and redemption."