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Boone County "Week in Review"

A summary of things that happened in the County this week and a look at what's next

Columbia, Mo. (October 16, 2009)

For week ending October 17, 2009


Flood Plain Meeting: On Tuesday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced at a community meeting that preliminary flood maps have been released to Boone County Government. The preliminary maps are digitized versions of the current maps that became effective in 1983. The County will submit municipal boundary and road name corrections during FEMA’s 30-day comment period which is currently in effect. The Letter of Final Determination will be sent to Boone County six months before the flood maps become effective. FEMA will contact the County to discuss its flood plain ordinance after the letter is received. Maps will not be available to the public until they are finalized. For more information, contact Stan Shawver, Director of Planning & Building Inspection, 573-886-4336.

Revenue Replacement Allocation Committee: The Boone County Commission is organizing a committee to discuss the development of a new formula that would tie the amount of revenue replacement that is given to cities to the revenue source (sales tax). The current formula ties replacement revenue to property assessment revenue, which continues to increase with new construction. The decline in sales tax revenues has broadened the gap between available funds and the amount of revenue replacement that has to be expended.

The creation of a new formula was first discussed at the Municipal Dinner September 30. Each city in the County will have the opportunity to be represented on the committee. The group will tentatively begin meeting in early 2010. For more information, contact Porcshe Moran, Public Information Officer, 573-886-4312.

Energy Grant Workshop: On Wednesday, Southern Commissioner Karen M. Miller, Treasurer Kay Murray, and Public Information Officer/Grant Writer Porcshe Moran attended the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Energy Grant Workshop in Macon, Mo. The workshop introduced the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program. Under this grant program, DNR has $12.5 million to allocate to Missouri governments. DNR will release the grant guidelines and application in November.  Boone County plans to apply for EECBG grants for projects that qualify. For more information contact Porcshe Moran, Public Information Officer, 573-886-4312.

Social Media Summit: On Thursday, Public Information Officer Porcshe Moran attended the Social Media Summit sponsored by the University of Missouri. The summit addressed the past, present and future in Web communications. The County is researching how to integrate social media tools into its public communications package.  For more information contact Porcshe Moran, Public Information Officer, 573-886-4312.

Parks Operation and Management Agreement: On Thursday, the Boone County Commission approved an agreement that will give the City of Columbia control over the operation and management of the 30-acre Jay Dix Station tract. The City will develop the property, located along and west of Scott Boulevard, for recreational use in accordance to their master plan. The site is partially undeveloped and was given to the City because the County does not have the resources to operate and maintain a recreational park. For more information contact Porcshe Moran, Public Information Officer, 573-886-4312.

Boards and Commissions: On Thursday, Mary Curry Lottes was reappointed to the Board of Parks Commission. Marjorie Matzes-Thies was reappointed to the Senior Board.

There is a vacancy on the Senior Citizen Services Corporation Board. To apply for a County board or commission go to the Commission page at For more information contact Porcshe Moran, Public Information Officer, 573-886-4312.


Saturday, October 17: Stormwater Coordinator Georganne Bowman’s “County View” editorial on the proposed stormwater ordinance will be featured in the October 17 issue of the Columbia Business Times.

Wednesday, October 21: Commissioner Karen M. Miller will be on KFRU’s Morning Meeting program at 9 a.m. to discuss the latest county news and take questions from callers.

Wednesday October 21: The City/County/Public Schools meeting will be held at 10:15 a.m. at the Daniel Boone Building, 701 E. Broadway (Agenda provided by City Manager’s office).


Media Contact:
Porcshe Moran
Tel. 573-886-4312