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If you have an escrow account with your lien holder, and that lien holder has requested your property tax bill prior to October 1, you should receive an informational billing from the collector's office. This informational billing will indicate that your mortgage company has requested the bill for that parcel. If you receive a tax bill that does not show that it has been requested by your lien holder, please forward the bill to your mortgage company immediately for timely processing. If you do not have an escrow account, you may use the informational billing statement to remit payment to the collector's office.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Escrow Taxes?
  2. What will happen if my mortgage company does not pay my taxes by December 31?
  3. I recently purchased real estate; will I receive a bill this year?
  4. My loan has been paid off. Will my mortgage company still pay the taxes this year?
  5. I received my loan from one company, but now I send my payments to a different company. Which company will pay my taxes?
  6. I have moved recently and have not received my tax bill. Whom should I notify?

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