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Filing Announcement

Important Filing Dates

The filing for the August 7, 2018, Primary Election:

  • Opens: 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 27, 2018
  • Closes: 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Filing for County offices occurs in the office of the County Clerk - Room 236 of the County Government Center, 801 E. Walnut Columbia, MO.

The official Notice of filing for state and local offices is located here: Notice of Candidate Filing.

Candidacy Declarations

Candidates will need to provide the following to file a declaration of candidacy:

  1. Proof of Identity - Voter Notification card, Missouri driver's license, birth certificate, other form of certified or photo ID.
  2. A copy of an affidavit filed with the Department of Revenue affirming that the candidate is not currently aware of any delinquency in the filing or payment of any state income taxes, personal property taxes, municipal taxes or real property taxes on the place of residence, as stated on the declaration of candidacy, or is not a past or present corporate officer of any fee office that owes any taxes to the state, other than those taxes which may be in dispute.The affidavit is available online from the following link:
  3. Candidates for County Collector: Under Section 52.010 RSMo. candidates for County Collector shall present to the election authority a copy of a signed affidavit from a surety company authorized to do business in this state, indicating that the candidate meets the statutory bond requirements for the office of County Collector. The statutory bond requirement for Boone County Collector is $750,000.00.
  4. A filing fee of $50.00 payable to the political party that a person is seeking the nomination or a receipt from the political party that the filing fee has been paid directly to them. If you cannot afford the filing fee please contact the County Clerk for an affidavit regarding your inability to pay the filing fee.

Qualifications for candidates are available from the Missouri Secretary of State at the following site:

There are different requirements and filing dates for independent and new political party candidates (petitions are required and the dates are later in the year) and you should contact the clerks office for these requirements.

If you have additional questions please contact the County Clerk at

Candidate filing closes Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.