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City of Columbia's Grissum Building & Power Plant


Step-Pool Storm-Conveyance System

Bioretention & Rain Garden Cells


Grissum PaveDrain & Atlantis Cell Installation




Public Works Operations at the Grissum Building and Water and Light Power Plant properties (between Business Loop and I-70), will be retrofit with stormwater controls to improve water quality in Bear Creek.


Stormwater retrofits will include at least six stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP's) including rain gardens, bioretention cells, pervious pavement and underground detention. These BMP's will remove pollutants from the "first flush," or the first one-half inch of rainfall, and encourage stormwater to infiltrate into the ground instead of running off. Additionally, the project will stabilize an actively eroding channel via installation of a 300 foot long step-pool storm-conveyance system. In collaboration with Boone County Resource Management, staff will monitor runoff and pollution reduction from the retrofits to provide information to the engineering and development community for implementation in other locations.

Throughout the three-year grant, city staff will construct various types of stormwater controls on the city property, improving the quality of stormwater runoff from the site, and providing education and outreach for a total project cost of $463,000. Of that, $211,745 will be used to purchase materials and supplies. City staff, equipment and volunteers will provide the required in-kind match through construction and outreach activities. Multiple city departments are contributing to this effort, including Public Works, Water & Light, Parks and Recreation and the City Channel. 

To keep up with the progress being done at the Grissum Building, you can follow along with the City of Columbia, or visit their Stormwater Utility Blog.

To schedule a tour for your group, contact Michael Heimos, City of Columbia Stormwater Educator, at 573-874-7250.


Grissum Building News

Solving Storm Water at the Grissum Building Video

Step Pools Under Construction - Downhill View Video


Step Pools Under Construction - Uphill View Video


Planting the Step Pools Video


Bioswale Under Construction Video


Building the Bioretention and Rain Garden Video


The Final Chapter: Porous Pavers Video

City Property Receives Stormwater Makeover

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Grissum Building Project Activities

MU Engineering Class Tour - 11/18/14

"Meet the Big Muddy" Group Tour - 7/23/14


PaveDrain Open House - 5/30/14


Council Person Trapp Tour - 5/29/14


MU Engineering Class Tour - 5/1/14


MU Engineering Class Tour - 11/19/13


Grissum Media Tour - 11/15/12

MU Engineering Class Tour - 11/8/2012

Bioretention & Rain Garden Planting - 10/25/2012

APWA Lunch and Tour - 10/3/2012

Hinkson Creek Urban Retrofit Project

Steering Committee Tour - 4/5/2012

Water & Light Advisory Board Tour - 4/4/2012

CARP Presentation - 3/19/2012

Girl Scouts Presentation - 3/18/2012

MU Engineering Class Tour - 3/15/2012

MU Natural Resources Class Tour - 3/7/2012

MU Neff Hall APO Meeting - 3/6/2012

Missouri MS4 Stormwater Conference

Presentation - 2/29/2012

MU Spout Talk - 2/28/2012

Lange School Career Day - 2/26/2012

Gentry School Career Day - 2/16/2012

David Lyle Show, KFRU AM 1400 - 2/10/2012

Smithton School Career Day - 2/9/2012

Water & Light Employee Presentation - 1/12/2012

Grissum Kick-off Event Employee Presentation - 10/27/2011







US Environmental Protection Agency Region 7, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided

partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. G11-NPS-12

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