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New in 2012: All decisions made by the Board are recorded with the Recorder of Deeds. Recording fees for a certificate of decision will be billed to the applicant along with mailing and public notice costs, these fees must be paid prior to the meeting date.

The Planning and Zoning Regulations allow for property owners to make requests for variance from the requirements of the regulations.  The Board conducts a public hearing and decides, case by case, what relief may be reasonably granted.  These decisions are weighed carefully for their impact on the integrity of the county zoning regulations.


Appeals to the Board may be taken by any land owner, lessee, or tenant of land, or by a public officer, department, board or bureau affected by any decision of the administrative officer on administering the zoning ordinances.


Some of the requests in which the Board hears are as follows:


          Example: Your parents are elderly and in poor health.  You would like to live closer to them to help with upkeep

         of the property or to be near in case of emergency. 


 The Zoning Board of Adjustment meets on the 4th Thursday of the month.


Please see zoning ordinances, section 15.C for further information.


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