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NID Application Form



Applicant – A property owner who completes and returns to Resource Management an Application for Petition To Form Neighborhood Improvement District.


Auditor – Auditor of Boone County


Clerk – Clerk of Boone County


Commission or County Commission – The Boone County Commission


County – Boone County, a Political Subdivision of the State of Missouri


Director – The Director of Resource Management


Engineer – Boone County Resource Management Engineer


NID – Neighborhood Improvement District as defined and under the authority of Sections 67.453 to 67-475, inclusive, RSMo. (The “Neighborhood Improvement District Act”)


NID Coordinator – An employee of the County of Boone


Order to Proceed – Order issued by County Commission directing Resource Management to proceed with finalization of plans and specifications.


Order to Proceed with Construction – Order issued by Resource Management to the successful bidding contractor directing contractor to proceed with construction on a date certain.


Project Cost – Total cost of the NID Project/Improvement including actual construction costs, direct costs to the County, fees authorized by statute, indirect costs as determined annually by the County Auditor, interest on short term notes issued to finance the project/improvement and Bond Issuance Costs, reduced by any contractual reimbursements received from participating entities not included within the legal boundaries of the Neighborhood Improvement District.


Purchasing – Boone County Purchasing Department


Resource Management – Boone County Resource Management


Treasurer – Treasurer of Boone County


The terms “Project” and “Improvement” are used interchangeably.

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Application Process



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Petition Process


“The undersigned, being the owners of record of ore than two-thirds (2/3) by area of all real property within the hereinafter described neighborhood improvement district, do hereby petition and request that the Boone County Commission create a neighborhood improvement district as described herein and incur indebtedness and issue general obligation bonds of the County to pay for all or part of the const of public improvements within such district, the cost of all indebtedness so incurred to be assessed against the real property within said district benefited by such improvements, under the authority of Sections 67.453 to 67.475, inclusive, RSMo (the Neighborhood Improvement District Act).”



________________________________________, a property owner of record of the proposed neighborhood improvement district herein, being first duly sworn, hereby say that the above and foregoing signed this petition and each of them signed his/her name thereto personally in my presence; I believe that each has accurately stated his/her name and property location, and that each signed is a property owner of record of the proposed neighborhood improvement district herein described.


Signature of Affiant: ______________________________________


Printed Name & Address of Affiant:_____________________________


Subscribed to and sworn to me this ________day of __________ 20 ______


Signed: _______________________________________________________


(Notary Seal)


My Commission expires: _____________________________


The NID Coordinator shall schedule a neighborhood meeting and mail notices of such meetings to the owners of all real property within the proposed NID.  The NID Coordinator shall deliver the petition to property owners at the neighborhood meeting.  Petition circulator(s) are recruited at meeting.



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Order to Proceed & Bidding Process


           If County Commission issues an “Order to Proceed”

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Construction Process and Costs

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