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Building Permits

The Boone County Commission adopted building codes in 1985.  A program of inspection services began in March 1986 following the adoption of the National B.O.C.A. codes.  In April 2014 Boone County adopted an updated version of the 2012 International Codes. The addendums to this code may be found under our "regulations" link on the left menu.

All applications for building permits are reviewed for compliance with land use regulations, floodplain regulations, and address requirements.  Inspections take place throughout the construction process.

The County Commission adopts regulations on the recommendations of the Building Code Commission.  The Code Commission meets as needed to review proposed code changes and amendments. Structures that meet the building code are issued a Certificate of Occupancy.

Please click here to see what types of construction requires a building permit.

Please click here for information regarding agricultural structures.

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