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Adopt-A-Road Program


The purpose of the Adopt-A-Road program is to promote citizen involvement and participation in improving our environment and preserving the natural beauty of Boone County Roadways.


Litter Control


Adopt-A-Road volunteers help maintain attractive roadsides by picking up litter along Boone County roadways.  Listed below are the requirements for participation in the adopt-a-road program:



To support the adopt-a-road program, the County will:



Volunteers who wish to participate in the program are to submit an application to the Resource Management Department. The Resource Management Department shall recommend roadways to be adopted under this program to the County Commission for their approval.  The Department shall provide periodic reports to the County Commission on the condition of all adopted roadways. Adopt-A-Road agreements will typically be renewable on March 1st of every 3rd year. Volunteers who no longer wish to participate should notify the County Right-of-Way agent at the Resource Management Department.


Mowing/Beautification of County Right of Ways


Various beautification efforts such as landscaping with shrubs and native plants cal also enhance the beauty of our roadsides; however these activities are not a part of the County Adopt-a-Road program.  Residents are advised that any plantings on County Right-of-Way may be destroyed during the course of routine road maintenance. It will be the priority of the Department to maintain proper site distance and drainage on County roadways.


Removal of Adopt-A-Road Signs


If the adopted section of roadway is not maintained according to this policy, Resource Management will attempt to contact the volunteer to determine if they intend to continue litter pick up on the road.  If the volunteer cannot be contacted or is no longer available to participate, the Adopt-A-Road signs will be removed by the Department.

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