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Welcome to Boone County Resource Management!
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The Boone County Planning and Zoning Commission has openings in the Bourbon and Rocky Fork Townships.

The Boone County Zoning Board of Adjustment has an opening for a Board member.


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*All meetings take place in the Boone County Commission Chambers unless otherwise noted*
Thursday May 17 Planning and Zoning Commission - click here for submittal deadlines *UPDATED 5/17 7:00 PM Agenda
Thursday May 24 Zoning Board of Adjustment - click here for submittal deadlines NO MEETING N/A
Thursday Jun 21 Planning and Zoning Commission - click here for submittal deadlines  7:00 PM TBA
Thursday Jun 28 Zoning Board of Adjustment - click here for submittal deadlines 7:00 PM TBA


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The Resource Management Department brings together in one place the engineering, planning, and inspection services provided by Boone County.  A citizen is able to access information crossing a wide range of subjects from land use to road construction.  Stormwater requirements, stream buffers, floodplain regulations, driveway location, road design, subdivision requirements, and building construction are just some of the areas that the Boone County Resource Management Department can provide assistance.

This department consists of three divisions, the Planning Division , Inspections Division , and Engineering Division.

Please visit our frequently asked questions for answers to many of our most commonly asked questions. The answers to the questions are general as each property has its own characteristics. If in doubt, please call or email our office.

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Road Name Directory
Road Name Directory
Zoning Information Map
Zoning Information Map
Building permit search
Building Permit Search
Estimate the cost of a building permit
Estimate Cost of Building Permit
Bonne Femme Subwatershed Viewer
Bonne Femme Subwatershed Map
Planning & Zoning Commission Deadlines, Agendas, Minutes, and Members
Planning & Zoning Commission
Zoning Board of Adjustment Deadlines, Agendas, Minutes, and Members
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Planning & Building Rezoning Requests
Rezoning Requests
Building Permit Monthly Reports
Building Permit Monthly Reports
Floodplain Map
Floodplain Map
Building Permit Annual Reports
Building Permit Annual Reports
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Road Name Check

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