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Ride Along Program Rules

Attention: You must read and agree to these rules before your application is submitted.
  1. Promptly and quickly obey all commands of all law enforcement officers.

  2. Applicants must read and sign the application and release in its entirety, two weeks prior to the requested date of the ride-along, and in the presence of a Department employee.

  3. The applicant must show photo identification upon request.

  4. Participants are allowed to ride four times during a year, and no more than once in any given thirty-day period.

  5. The participant must be in good physical health and have the ability to run if necessary.

  6. Participants shall not record or video while participating in the ride-along program. Further, participants shall not bring with them any equipment that may be used to record or video in any form. (This rule does not apply to news media personnel.)

  7. Participants must submit to a search of their person and/or any belongings brought with them at any time during the ride-along event if the Department makes such a request.

  8. Civilian participants, including those possessing permits for carrying concealed firearms, are prohibited from carrying firearms or other weapons during their scheduled ride-along. Law enforcement officers from other agencies or jurisdictions may, at the discretion of the shift supervisor be permitted to carry their firearm. If such permission is granted the weapon must be completely concealed, unless the other agency officer is in uniform.

  9. Participants shall have their seat belt properly secured at all times while the vehicle they are riding in is in motion.

  10. Participants shall not use the radio except in cases of extreme emergency when the officer is not able. (Commissioned officers or dispatchers may use the radio at the discretion of the host officer.)

  11. Participants will wear casual slacks or neat jeans, and a shirt with a collar. Dresses, skirts, T-shirts, shorts, sweats, or any article of clothing displaying rude or offensive logos are expressly prohibited. Shoes should be comfortable with a non-slip type of sole. (No high heels.) Tattoos must be covered in their entirety. The shift supervisor will make the final determination as to whether a participant’s dress is acceptable.

  12. Participants shall not identify themselves as law enforcement officers, either visually or verbally (unless they indeed are law enforcement officers).

  13. Participants shall not become directly involved in any law enforcement activity unless specifically requested to do so by a deputy or other law enforcement officer, or in cases of extreme emergency, at their own discretion.

  14. Appropriate protective clothing should be brought by the participant for applicable weather conditions. (Participants may have to be out in inclement weather conditions for extended periods of time.)

  15. The host officer will notify dispatch that they have a civilian rider prior to going in service.

  16. The host officer will determine when it is acceptable for the participant to exit the vehicle, prior to the participant exiting the vehicle. (i.e. on traffic stops or calls for service).

  17. The host officer may suspend a ride-along event at any time and return the participant to the Department.

  18. Participants will not be on private property against the will of the owner, and will not be allowed to participate in any search warrant.

  19. Participants will not be allowed to freely discuss observed items that are of a confidential nature outside of the Department. All Criminal Justice Information is confidential. Participants are expressly prohibited from viewing, manipulating or accessing in any way, the mobile computer and any other equipment in the vehicle unless specifically directed to do so by the deputy.

  20. Participants will respect the privacy of victims and witnesses, and shall under no circumstances be involved in any conversation with any suspect or prisoner.

  21. Any participant that is injured, no matter how slightly, shall immediately notify their host officer of such injury.

  22. Participants shall report to the Department at least ten minutes prior to the beginning of their assigned ride-along period.

  23. The use of cell phones for calls or text messaging is strongly discouraged; should be kept to an absolute minimum and then only when necessary.

  24. Participants who violate rules of this program, disregard an officer's directives, or conduct themselves in a manner that may bring discredit to the program or department, may be permanently banned from future participation.