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Welcome! We would like to thank you for taking an interest in the transportation system of Boone County by visiting our website. Our mission is to maintain and improve the county's 800-plus mile road network. Boone County Public Works deals strictly with county roads, right of way, and bridges. The department does not oversee the activities of any utilities such as sewer, electric, or water.

We hope our website helps facilitate two-way communication with the concerned citizens of Boone County. Please send us any ideas for further enhancement so we can continue to provide relevant services and information.

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Boone County Public Works 2015 Maintenance Operations Year in Review is available


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NEWS: Breedlove Dr. - Due to the sheer terrain and dangerous conditions during snow and ice events, the County Commission recently approved a TEMPORARY Road Closure Plan for a short section of Breedlove Dr. Due to several inquiries, we want to clarify that this section of road will only be closed TEMPORARILY during severe weather which causes slick and unsafe conditions. Signs will be posted to advise drivers of the status of this section of road.




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